What Makes The 7w6 Enneagram Anxious (A 5 Point Guide)

This article will take a look at the 7w6 enneagram and introduce it to the audience by describing its major traits, desires and weaknesses. The article will then focus on what makes the 7w6 enneagram anxious and what should be done to mitigate such situations!

What Makes The 7w6 Enneagram Anxious?

Here is a list of the things that make an enneagram 7w6 anxious:

  • Criticism
  • Self Doubt
  • Too Much Work
  • Lack of Choice
  • Too Much Time Alone

This article will discuss each of the above factors in detail however, it will first introduce the type 7w6 enneagram to the audience and apprise them about its basic fear and desire!

The Pathfinder – The 7w6 Enneagram

Extremely enthusiastic individuals with a lot of energy, the type 7w6 enneagram is made up of traits mostly from the type 7 enneagram but also shares some with the type 6 enneagram. These individuals love looking forward to interesting and exciting experiences with a lot of excitement and of course enthusiasm – they never want to miss out on the fun! 

Having such a personality also necessitates that they be adventurous. These individuals love to venture into new experiences or opportunities and explore. They will try out new things just for the sake of it and possibly take a lot of risk too if required. The type 7w6 enneagram thus has an explorative trait that allows them to look for and grasp opportunities that they can experience or try out because one of the things that motivates these individuals the most is being a part of experiences.

Regardless of all the fun and exploring, the type 7w6 enneagram is very responsible and they like getting things done on time. They prefer to follow their own schedules but meet deadlines, complete tasks or fulfill commitments as agreed beforehand with another party – in their own way. This is one trait that allows them to successfully pursue relations with others. Being someone who fulfills their word puts them at a great edge in relationships – especially work or intimate ones.

This enneagram type is full of happiness and optimism – they like to see the bright side in things. Because of this reason, the Pathfinder is able to come across a lot of opportunities and benefit from them unlike those individuals who might see the bad side in things and hence not expect or look for the golden opportunities that are usually hidden in the dark. This is something that keeps this enneagram type lively and happy as well as a source or beacon of hope for others. They uplift people with their positive attitude and this helps them become someone who has a good rather than bad effect on others.

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However, sometimes this enneagram can end up justifying or rationalizing the actions of others even though these specific actions or behaviours cause hurt and pain to the type 7w6 enneagram.

The Fear of the Pathfinder

One of the fears this enneagram type has is that they will miss out on great opportunities. They want to have the most in life and believe that one should grasp all the opportunities that come to them. However, one problem they don’t realize is that a lot of opportunities may come to them and they take too much onto themselves!

This particular fear that they have makes them become a certain way. They prefer to follow unstructured routines where they can always make time for last moment stuff that pops out of nowhere. They feel that if they have the liberty to manage things as they wish then they can not only get a lot of flexibility but also not miss out on things that they want to do.

However, at the same time, they have a deep sense of commitment towards their tasks and want to honor the work they have taken up. This puts them in a difficult situation because they might end up juggling too much and this will take a toll on them.

The Desire of the 7w6 Enneagram

The most strong desire this enneagram has is that to feel happy and content. They want to experience what life has to offer and this is why they are so quick when it comes to grabbing the opportunities that pass by in front of them! This is most apparent when they express a lot of happiness even in the small things of life that they want to give recognition too – the things that people often overlook or disregard!

One of the things these enneagrams do to be happy and attain what they most desire is to disregard any negative feelings they have or experience especially because of others. They rationalize what someone else has done and may even blame their own self for what has happened. This is a behaviour or strategy to justify the actions of others and hence create a false sense of security where the other person is good but because of their own actions things went wrong.

What Makes The 7w6 Enneagram Anxious?

In this section, we will take a look at all the factors that make a 7w6 enneagram anxious and how things can be handled in such situations!


This is something that doesn’t make the type 7w6 enneagram angry like most people would become but it makes them very anxious and stressed out. The criticism doesn’t even have to be very blunt – it could be someone sharing their opinion and expressing some hint of dissatisfaction and possibly criticising the work or behaviour of the type 7w6 enneagram.

This is something that makes the enneagram under discussion quite stressed out because fulfilling their commitments to others means a lot to them and they will go to every avenue to ensure they do what they have committed. Hence, when they have put in a lot of effort and the other party is still not satisfied then they will feel anxious. 

One reason why they feel anxious could be because they are not sure what the other person exactly wants. So, in such a situation, they need to gather the courage to have a more detailed discussion about how they can improve their work or behaviour. This will not only clear things but also improve the relationship between the two parties. It will also increase the chances that the other party is satisfied with the enneagram 7w6 and this is something they greatly look forward to!

Self Doubt

Doubting their own self also puts a lot of anxiety on the Pathfinder which is also known as the Entertainer! They will not only be confused but afraid that they will not be able to reach their goals. So not only does this thought scare them but it puts them under a lot of stress and anxiety. This is because meeting their goals and being responsible is something they expect from their own self. 

However, if they start questioning their own capabilities especially at a time when they have much to do, it puts a lot of stress on them. Why? Well because not being able to do something means not only having to break a commitment but also missing out on the experience of doing that sort of work. Afterall, we all know how much it affects a type 7w6 enneagram if they miss out on experiences!

Too Much Work

Too much work can also make an enneagram type 7w6 feel anxious! This is because they want to do a lot but may end up taking too much onto their own self and not being able to manage things. Hence, they will not only have to face disappointment from others but also break their commitments and miss out on an experience they were looking forward too!

Lack of Choice

This is something that stresses out the type 7w6 enneagram a lot and can throw them into a lot of anxiety. They want to have more choice or freedom because then again they do not want to miss out on opportunities and they can only avoid this if they have enough flexibility given to them. If they are not allowed to have a flexible routine, they will be afraid that they will have to leave out other tasks not because they can’t manage them but because of the lack of flexibility!

Too Much Time Alone

This enneagram type is one who likes to be around people. They enjoy the interactions, company and overall experience of spending time with others and getting to know them more. They even like to have people around when they are working. However, if they are alone for too long it can make them feel anxious. Hence, this enneagram type should make time to meet their friends on a regular basis or plan to work in groups!


This article focused on the factors that make the type 7w6 enneagram anxious and also highlighted briefly how these factors or situations can be avoided or mitigated.The article also introduced the type 7w6 enneagram to the audience by describing its major traits, fears and desires.



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