6w7 Characters (A 5 Point List)

This article will take a look at the fictional characters that are often associated with the 6w7 enneagram and also highlight this enneagram’s major characteristics, fears and desires.

6w7 Characters – 5 Popular Characters

Here are 5 popular characters that are often associated with the type 6w7 enneagram:

  • Ron Weasley
  • Nemo’s Father
  • Mulan
  • Rachel Greene
  • Philip Banks

We will take a look at these characters but first we will introduce the type 6w7 enneagram.

The 6w7 Enneagram: The Confidant

This enneagram shares traits not only with the type 6 enneagram but also the type 7 enneagram. These individuals are very hard working and like to put in a lot of effort and time into what they do or believe in. The ‘buddy’ is also more sociable compared to other type 6s hence they like to meet new people, attend parties and events and of course not miss out on any event!

The confidant loves being around people. Whether it’s a study group, a social gathering or a simple meetup at the nearby cafe, they are the first ones to be there. Being with new people or their close friends, these enneagrams feel extremely replenished – they get to recharge their social battery. Being alone will eventually drain them and they will desire to socialize.

At the same time, these personality types need security in their life. They want to feel gilded and secure usually through the availability of systems, resources and the support of people. This is why they continuously seek assurance from others with regards to how they behave or perform or what decisions they make in life.

Not only do these enneagrams lack security but they have an interesting way of dealing with their feelings. They project their own feelings onto others. This is not a healthy habit and may inculcate fear and suspicion with regards to others. They even joke about their own feelings to make light of them and not have to deal with how they feel. Thus, they may have a number of internal issues in terms of their feelings and emotions.

When it comes to relationships, this enneagram is all in! they pursue the relationships they are part of wholeheartedly. This is because they derive stability from these relationships which they badly desire. Furthermore, it appeals to their emotional component which although is not so obvious is still present. They put a lot of trust in these relationships and give their all. This allows them to engage with others, especially those whom they are close with.

Desires & Fears

The basic fear of the 6w7 enneagram is to lose their support system. they badly need those whom they put their trust in and love. they want to be able to call upon those who they consider their last moment saviours – when they are in trouble. Hence, this is why they shower others with love and care so they can receive the same treatment. This enneagram type remains in anxiety because of this fear.

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Of course their basic desire stems from their fear of losing support and stability – something they badly need in life. They are afraid their friends will leave them and this is something they never want. they want to feel confident that they will have someone to fall back upon in case of a bad situation. They achieve this by being loving towards others. They want to have supportive friends and family that stand by them in their difficult times. This makes them feel strong and confident!


This enneagram type is very dedicated to the commitments it makes. They value people and the promises they have made to them. Furthermore, if they have taken up a cause then they will be very much involved in it and ensure it reaches a conclusion.

Workplace Practices

The 6w7 enneagram is happy when they meet new people and have new and exciting experiences everyday. They are also motivated at work when they get to help solve difficult problems. However, when it comes to work, too much negativity losing trust in others greatly demotivates this enneagram.


Sometimes it is difficult for such enneagrams to focus on their relationships. For example, they have been accused of caring too much about material possessions. Also, they may have difficulty talking about difficult issues in a relationship especially if they involve the internal conflicts that are going on inside of them.

6w7 Characters – 5 Popular Characters

In this section we will take a look at the popular characters 

Ron Weasley

Ron is one of the famous characters from the Harry Potter series and he is one of the characters that is often associated with the type 6w7 enneagram. He is from the famous Weasley family and friends with the famous wizard Harry Potter and the half witch Hermione Granger.

Ron is someone who is very loyal and quite close to his friends – he expects a lot from them but at the same time is ready to do a lot for them too. He is part of the many missions that Harry embarks on and this includes the one where he has to go to the dark forest that is filled with spiders of all sizes.

Nemo’s Father

Finding Nemo is one of those childhood movies we all love and Nemo’s father is that one character that is associated with the type 6w7 enneagram. He is a clown fish but he has horrible jokes – he tries to crack a few in the movie and that’s how we know how! Nonetheless, he is one hell of a father who travels across the seas to find his son with his close friend Dory.

His enneagram personality comes out when he takes many risks to save Dory or go back to find her. He is afraid and may not be very brave – however, he takes the dangerous path to save his friend and get them to safety!


Mulan is a warrior who fights all the stereotypes that surround women – she cuts her hair short and takes up the training that only men would engage in. She also accompanies her comrades on a journey that is quite hard and risky – it is winter and the temperatures are cold enough to freeze anyone.

Despite her gender and family background – she takes the steps needed to win back her father’s honor. She hesitates at many places but picks up the courage again to strike back at the enemy and polish her skills!

Rachel Greene

Let’s take a look at what Wiki Fandom has to say about Rachel Greene!

“Rachel Karen Greene was born to wealthy parents, Leonard and Sandra Greene, who gave her and her two sisters Jill and Amy a rather spoiled upbringing, resulting in them not being able to be independent from their parents financially at first. Rachel originally had a big nose but she later got a nose job. She met Monica Geller for the first time when they were both six years old. They quickly became best friends, remaining exactly like that from then, and the friendship flourished by attending the same high school. Rachel also soon met Monica’s older brother, Ross, who developed a crush on her which he decided to keep to himself, although years later Rachel admitted she knew about his crush. Ross knew she would have rejected him and she did, as shown in the Pilot when Rachel thought her was just ‘Monica’s geeky older brother.”

Philip Banks

Here is what Wiki Fandom has to say about Philip Banks:

Philip is a paternal, humble, instructive, level-headed, inspirational, protective, bold, aspiring, noble, kind-hearted, selfless, understanding, nice, caring, loving, educated, patient, honorable, independent, logical, zany, encouraging, knowledgeable and efficient man. Vivian is usually the only person that can make Phillip relax when he loses his cool. He is a very strict man, but a great father and husband.


This article took a look at the characters who are most associated with the type 6w7 enneagram and why. The article also introduced the 6w7 enneagram in detail by taking a look at it’s fears and desires, strengths, general traits and how it behaves in relationships and the work life. The article aimed at providing an overview of the topic of the 6w7 enneagram and which characters from movies are associated with it. It provided 5 characters that included Rachel Greene and Nemo’s Father from the movie Finding Movie.



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