Everything you need to know about 6w5 (A guide)

In this brief guide, we will discuss the Enneagram personality type 6w5 and some of their strengths and weaknesses. We will also discuss the relation of 6w5 with other concepts and types.


6w5 is known as the guardian, and these individuals are known for the loyalty and analytical approach to relationships, and they are quite intellectual, hard-working, and cautious in their behavior, likely due to their tendency to be rational and careful, which are traits in enneagram type 5.

Because of the enneagram type 5 wing, they are independent, but are, at their core, very loyal to those they support. 

6w5s are also usually more serious and focused than enneagram type 6s.

6w5 may also try to seek support and guidance, due to their interpersonal nature, and they may have fears of losing their stability.

They are also known to project their feelings onto others, but they can think logically and analytically, which helps them quite a lot with their unhealthy tendencies.

Give them space to recharge and concentrate, while offering them support when needed.

6w5s appreciate being given the space to recharge and concentrate, but at the same time, they need the knowledge that they have the support when or if they should need it.

6w5s are likely to feel great and maintain healthy levels of functioning by having reliable relationships and jobs and feeling loved, valued, and appreciated by others.

6w5s may also enjoy feeling like a helper and trying to take care of the underdog and making sure they achieve some great opportunities to shine.

Finding answers to a complex problem may also make these individuals feel pretty great.

Basic Fears of 6w5

The basic fears of 6w5 revolve around the basic fears of the enneagram personality type 6, which is mostly the fear of being abandoned.

Enneagram 6 tends to be loyal and dependable because they have a fear of being left behind or abandoned by their loved ones, and as a defense for this, they do the exact same thing that might alleviate their fear, which is showing loyalty and being there for other people at all times.

However, underlying this phenomenon is actually the anxiety that they will not have anyone when they need them and this may cause these individuals to feel rather afraid and worried at the extremes.

They may also tend to be suspicious and cynical of the presence of people in their lives, wondering if these people are truly loyal and if they will stick around when the going gets tough.

These traits, however, will be found in the more psychologically unhealthy individuals and are unlikely to be seen in normal persons.

Basic Desire of 6w5

The basic desire of 6w5 is also derived from their fear, which is being abandoned, which makes their basic desire to be loved and cared for or to be accepted and cherished.

The need for security is extremely strong in 6w5s, and to deal with it they usually form very intense and strong bonds with others, sort of as a measure of protecting themselves and others. 

Close and stable relationships are something the 6w5 may chase with all their might, making them happen if they don’t naturally.

6w5s also tend to defend themselves by projecting their own feelings onto others, which is also a chief reason why they tend to be so loyal and dependable, they seek the same thing, and in unhealthy 6w5s, this can often enhance their distrust of the world, coloring everything with suspicion.

Strengths of 6w5 

Given below are some core strengths of 6w5 personality types:

  • They have a penchant for solving issues practically and efficiently
  • They can focus very well on attention and details
  • They are very capable of working on their own and are quite independent despite their need for security
  • They display an intense passion for pursuing knowledge
  • They are able to be great pillars of strength and they can be counted on for help
  • They can be very attentive and open to talk to
  • They make for good sounding boards, given their curiosity as well as their good interpersonal skills

Weaknesses of 6w5

There are some weaknesses in 6w5s as well, which are given below:

  • They may feel themselves slipping into patterns of negative thinking without being able to help it
  • They may withdraw from others when they are too overwhelmed by their own fears
  • They may find it hard to express their own emotions
  • They may sometimes appear cold or aloof due to their intense thinking processes.
  • They may sometimes be too attached and not be able to shake off the insecurities they experience on a regular basis.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

6w5 vs 6w7

6w5 is type 6 with a wing 5 and 6w7 is a type 6 with a wing 7, which implies that 6w5 is more a person with rational, analytical approaches to relationships and a tendency to be dependable and loyal while 6w7 is someone that is energetic and excited at the prospect of being with others and brings new life into things by being there for other people.

Enneagram type 6w5 is usually also more independent than 6w7. 

6w7 is more people-oriented due to the social nature of both types 6 and 7, and this person may easily be described as an extroverted type, while 6w5s are less likely to rely on others to meet their needs, and may fall more into the introverted territory. 

6w5s also are unlikely to need as much reassurance as the 6w7s and they might generally deal with their typical type 6 anxiety alone, while 6w7 might actively seek people out to deal with it, and being around others will alleviate their stress a fair bit.

6w5s are also more likely to be more detached and pessimistic than 6w7s, who are more optimistic and open, as well as agreeable.

It takes a while to gain the trust of 6w5s, and it takes a long time for someone to develop a relationship with them, while new friendships tend to come much easier to the 6w7s, which may sometimes make it easier for them to deal with the fears and insecurities that they too have.

Enneagram 6w5 careers

An enneagram 6w5 is likely very suitable for a career that involves rational thinking and analysis, has a lot of details, and probably a role that makes them a part of an organization, but not one that involves too much contact with too many people.

For instance, something like the military would work well for these individuals, it would speak to their sense of loyalty, dependability, quiet time as well as provide enough aspects of using their mind and body.

The very mantra of the army would likely speak to the enneagram 6w5 “no man left behind”.

Other than that, enneagram 6w5s would be suited to Teaching, or caretaking work of some kind, which would essentially involve the presence of a ward to channel their interpersonal skills towards as well as be able to impart knowledge to them.

Careers that might not work for Enneagram 6w5s are usually ones that involve dry work that involves working in isolation or I alone with no human contact and lots of repetitive things, like programming or project managing or other office jobs.

The routine of that kind of life would not work well for 6w5s at all.

6w5 Enneagram Song

The 6w5 enneagram song, called “Six”, features on an album called Enneagram by the artist Sleeping At Last, and this album consists of songs for all personality types.

The lyrics of the song aim to portray this personality type, as one may see for themselves:

“I had the most vivid dream…

my feet had left the ground,    

i was floating to heaven

but I could only look down.

my mind was heavy,

running ragged with worst-case scenarios,

emergency exits and the distance below.

I woke up so worried that the angels let go.”

“oh God I’m so tired

of being afraid.”

“what would it feel like

to put this baggage down?

if I’m being honest,

I’m not sure I’d know how.

I want to take shelter but I’m ready, ready to fight

and somewhere in the middle, I feel a little paralyzed-

but maybe I’m stronger than I realize”

“I want to believe

no, I choose to believe

that I was made to become 

a sanctuary.

fear won’t go away”

“but I can keep it at bay

and these invisible walls

just might keep us safe.

with a vigilant heart,

I’ll push into the dark

but I’ll learn to breathe deep

and make peace with the stars.

is that courage or faith

to show up every day?

to trust that there will be light

always waiting behind

even the darkest of nights

and no matter what,

somehow we’ll be okay.

don’t be afraid.”

These details behind the enneagram 6w5 song may be seen on the official Sleeping At Last website.

6w5 INFJ

INFJ with 6w5 personality may exhibit a lot of caution, as they may have a slightly more enhanced fear of being abandoned and sometimes it may border on paranoia.

This might be due to the thinking processes 6w5 coloring similar cognitive functions in INFJ, which are predominantly introverted intuition and feeling, with an extroverted sensation, which may also be somewhat conductive to fear. 

Type 6 is generally plagued by anxiety in general and even though the wing 5 helps with that a little, in an INFJ personality that may not be worth much.

The INFJ 6w5 may have a strong craving for stability and comfort, and at the same time, they may read too much into the behaviors and actions of those around them and tend to attach undue meaning to innocent things.

INFP 6w5

INFP 6w5 is likely to be very perceptive of the thoughts and emotions of those around them and they may come out as extremely empathetic people who seem to always know what to say to make someone feel better and they are great at providing help.

One may see a great deal of consciousness regarding relationships even in 6w5 INFPs, but they will be very warm and helpful when they are around and someone needs them.

The INFP 6w5 may take a long time to let other people in but when they do they are very soft-hearted. 

They may also be somewhat commanding nature, but they may use that as a measure of their own protection. 


In this brief guide, we discussed the enneagram personality type 6w5 and some of their strengths and weaknesses. We also discussed the relation of 6w5 with other concepts and types.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 6w5

What does a 6 go to in stress?

When in stress, 6 may go to enneagram 3 when in stress, and start feeling anxious and overreacting, and they may also become arrogant and competitive. 

The enneagram type 6’s direction of disintegration (Stress) is 3, and the direction of integration (Growth) is 9.

What are Enneagram wings?

Enneagram Wings refer to the relationships between adjacent personality types on the enneagram.

The dominant personality type is the one that is under study and the wing with that type is the one that is on either right or left of it.

Enneagram wings are means of proving traits that supplement, complement, or even contradict a core personality type, but which provide opportunities for wider types of personality as well as personality growth.

What is a 5 Wing 6?

5 wing 6 is a personality type in the enneagram theory of personality and depicts people with traits like being practical, independent, and logical in their behavior.

Which Enneagram type is the smartest?

Enneagram 5 is likely to be the smartest individuals primarily due to their tendency to seek knowledge and rational and analytical thinking abilities.

Enneagram 9 can also be rather smart, but they are likely to have more compartmentalized intellectual processes.



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