6w5 Vs 5w6: The Enneagrams (+3 Point Guide)

This article will take a look at the differences between the two enneagram types 5w6 and 6w5 by highlighting how they behave when it comes to relationships, the workplace, their strengths and fears and desires.

6w5 Vs 5w6 Enneagrams: How Are They Different?

The 5w6 and 6w5 enneagram behave differently in the following areas:

  • The Workplace
  • Relationships
  • Strengths
  • Desires & Fears

We will explain how they differ from each other in the above highlighted areas. However, before we do that, we will introduce both of them to the readers.

The Guardian: Enneagram Type 6w5

Compared to most type 6 enneagrams, this one is more serious and focused on what they want to do! The type 6w5 enneagram is mostly made up of traits from the type 6 enneagram but also shares some with the type 5 enneagram too! Some traits that describe them include hard working, independent, intellectual and cautious. Although they are independent, they are very loyal to their loved ones and the people they genuinely care about.

These enneagrams prefer to take things for as they are. They are logical and analytical. They want things to make sense and not just accept things just because someone said them or they have some sentimental value. Furthermore, this enneagram type likes to weigh the pros and cons of certain behaviours, actions, events, things or individuals especially when they need to make a decision. Why? Well of course because they are analytical. They do not like passing judgement on someone or something until they fully scrutinize it in a manner that is just and objective.

However, this very same enneagram type is fearful of losing their stability. They want to remain strong and independent. They do not want to become weak, dependent or confused or even lose track of what it is they do. So, this is one reason why they tend to work so hard in what it is they want to achieve!

Sometimes their fears get the best of them and they engage in behaviours that are not so healthy. The enneagram 6w5 type has the habit of projecting their fears onto others. They will view people in light of their own fears, insecurities, problems and desires or unmet needs.

Regardless of that, these enneagrams seek support and guidance. They value the advice and input from others although at the end they will take their own decision. They want to feel supported and loved especially by those to whom they are very loyal to. This is regardless of their independent behaviour and self confidence.

The 5w6 Enneagram – The Troubleshooter

The troubleshooter is an enneagram type that is mostly made up of the type 5 enneagram but shares some traits with the type 6 one too. This enneagram is quite logical in their approach to how they understand themselves, others and the world. Hence they do not like to go on what they are told – in a sentimental manner – but how it is told and whether or not it appeals to one’s logic. They like to discuss things in  a systematic and structured manner so they can actually analyze whether everything makes sense or not!

As a result of being logical in their dealings, these enneagram types are quite practical and independent. They know how things work and prefer to keep things simple thus they take up practical steps. They are more of the doers rather than the ones who just keep talking about something and never appear to go forward with actually doing something! It is easier to deal with such individuals because they do what they say and they are action oriented – they actually work by showing and not just telling.

Although independent, these enneagram types are way more cooperative than the typical 5’s are! They like to take others’ opinions into view but this does not mean they won’t do as they wish. They respect how other people think or function but they only feel satisfied and comfortable going ahead with what they believe is right for their own self.

These enneagrams have a strong passion for learning and growing in terms of their skills and strengths. They will read, enroll in courses and attend training programs to boost their skills and knowledge. This helps them make better decisions because they have the right resources which include experience, knowledge and first hand exposure to the real world. They do not like to discuss or engage in things they do not know much about.

5w6 Vs 6w5 Enneagrams: How Are They Different?

The 5w6 and 6w5 enneagram behave differently in the following areas:

  • The Workplace
  • Relationships
  • Strengths
  • Desires & Fears

In this article, we will comment on the differences between the 5w4 and 6w5 enneagram with regards to the following areas:


The 5w6 enneagram type has the ability to remain calm during a crisis. They can manage their emotions and not react negatively to any panicky situation. They will not only stay composed and focused in a troublesome situation but also help others do the same. Furthermore, they are well organized and focused when it comes to work. This enneagram can also solve complex problems.

The 6w5 enneagram on the other hand also has a passion for knowledge gathering and is quite good at solving problems. At the same time they do well independently and do not mind being alone in their endeavors. They have the ability to focus on the small things and details that allow them to do things in a very accurate and perfect manner.

Workplace Practices

Although these enneagrams also need their time alone at work, the 5w6 enneagram is energized when they get to excel in areas they are keen about. They also like to work for organizations that give back to society. Even though they do not like too much interaction with others, they get upset if they are ignored or rejected by others!

The 6w5 enneagram on the other hand places more emphasis on the relationships they form at work and depend on them greatly for motivation. They are fond of problem solving and like to talk to their coworkers whenever they get the time.


In relationships, these enneagrams also withdraw when they are stressed. However, the 5w6 enneagram can help solve problems in a relationship because they can logically understand the issue and break it down into parts to be solved. They are also more likely to remain calm when a fight or misunderstanding occurs.

Following a more analytical approach, the 6w5 enneagram may have issues understanding how emotions work when it comes to the other person. They may have issues with regulating their own emotions and hence may experience small issues or outbursts with their spouse. Also, they may withdraw from their relationship when they are quite stressed out. In this case, they need to have a relationship with a mature and supportive partner who can understand their personality and needs.

Desires & Fears

What the 5w6 enneagram fears the most is being useless or unworthy. They are afraid they won’t develop any skills or traits that are actually useful and will help them stand out. They function on the belief that a person is only worthy if they are beneficial.

One of the ways they think someone can be worthy is by seeking to make the world a better place! They want to do this by employing the skills they have learnt of the knowledge they acquire. 

The basic desire of the 5w6 enneagram is to feel competent and useful of course! They want to feel needed and hence known for a certain skill or trait that people need or think is useful. This is why they set out to gain knowledge and don’t let any opportunity go when it comes to learning new things, gaining experience through courses or programs! 

The 6w5 enneagram is scared of losing their guidance and stability. They like to be independent and do not want to have to depend on others so much. They prefer doing things their own way and having some control over their life. They realize this is only possible if they have a stable future and are well guided.

They have a strong desire for security, which they tend to show by protecting themselves and others. They seek close and stable relationships.

Guardians tend to defend themselves by projecting their own feelings onto others, which can often enhance their distrust of the world.


This article took a deep dive into the differences that exist between the 5w6 and 6w5 enneagram in a number of areas such as strengths, traits, work, relationships and their fears and desires.



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