5w4 INFP Careers: Best Jobs (+5 List)

This article will take a look at the careers that are best suited to the 5w4 INFP personality type and also comment on workplace practices that are good or bad for their motivational level. The article will also introduce the two personality components that make up this unique personality combination.

5w4 INFP Careers: The Best Jobs

Here is a list of the best jobs for the 5w4 INFP personality type:

  • Scholar
  • Philosopher
  • Librarian
  • Writer
  • Artist
  • Research Scientist

We will look at some of these jobs in detail but first, we will introduce the two personality types that make up the 5w4 INFP personality type.

The 5w4 Enneagram – The Philosopher

Possessing more traits associated with the type 5 rather than type 4 enneagram, the ‘Philosopher’ although reserved in their behaviour is quite the thinker and reflector! They like to take their time when it comes to pondering over things that amaze or fascinate them. Furthermore, they like to do this in a peaceful and quiet environment rather than brainstorm over it with others. They are indeed introverted because they need alone time not only to think but to also reflect and recharge their social battery.

Compared to type 5 enneagrams, they are more emotional and expressive. Hence, they do possess a more human element and do not just focus on the hard areas of life or use simple facts and figures to explain phenomena. This is because they realize the importance of human intervention and influence. Also, these individuals are quite expressive and like to do things in a manner that not only represents their opinions or beliefs but also feels comfortable to them.

Because of their nature and how they think or feel about others, these enneagram types may seem a bit distant – they remain guarded and withdrawn from others. This is not only because they need time alone but they prefer to keep a distance from other people. At the same time, they are very much open to gaining new skills and knowledge to increase their knowledge base as well as the resources – in the form of skills – that will help them strengthen their own standing and make them more capable of even greater tasks.

Despite their introverted side, they love to explore new avenues! They will explore to find more opportunities, learn the truth regarding people or things that interest them and also just for the sake of it. They love exploring and they don’t mind doing this alone because it allows them to have the chance to think and reflect while on such ‘missions’.

The Fear of the Philosopher

The main fear this enneagram type has is that of being helpless and incompetent. They do not want to be in a position where they cannot help themselves or defend themselves for that matter! Also, they are scared that they might feel useless. The 5w4 enneagram does not want to be in a position where they are not competent for a certain task or be of no use to others!

They often compensate for this by spending a great amount of time figuring out how to develop new skills and finding new resources of knowledge. This makes them feel not only worthy or competent because they have achieved new skills and are engaged with new sources of knowledge but also they appreciate that they are currently busy doing something they love in peace and harmony.

The Basic Desire

The basic desire of the type 5w4 enneagram stems from the fact that they want to feel competent and worthy. They want to be able to master a set of skills that they can use to not only ensure their independence and strong standing but also their ability to help others.

The type 5w4 enneagram wants to help and guide others too and they believe they can only do this if they have the right skills and knowledge. Hence they also desire that they possess a number of skills and much knowledge from different walks of life.

Who Is An INFP? Dominant Functions.

INFPs are introverted which means they tend to be very much into their thoughts and like to spend time reflecting over the many ideas they have going on in their minds. How do they tend to behave in relationships with ENFPs?

Well firstly, they are smart to think over things and then talk about them. When in a fight, they are more likely to avoid friction not only because they have the habit of staying quiet but also because they are people who think before they speak. This way they can actually prevent themselves from hurting the other person and making the situation worse. 

Sometimes expecting too much and saying what you feel may be a bad thing. People who are introverts hence operate on the same frequency at which they understand that some things must be said while others not. This can prevent them from raising the bar of expectations too high and being wise enough to see when a certain topic should be discussed or not.

INFPs realize the power and beauty of imagination and dreams and this allows them to be creative and more interesting not to themselves only but to each other. How they think can become a good source of conversation for them compared to a person who senses and reacts or processes information. They would be more based on facts and not understand the fun in being so creative.

Although it is usually emotions that blur what is truly going on in relationships, they can also help solve problems that may be difficult to rationalize or understand. Yes it is not always possible to make sense of a situation and hence love and mercy are the only weapons two people have to keep themselves bound to each other. 

This is a dominant function that may result in more daily hassles than any of the dominant functions because of the frequency of its use. People have to get things everyday whether it’s paying bills, cleaning up the house, buying groceries or getting the children to school on time; it can be a lot to handle. Here is where being organized matters. If one lives alone and just goes with the flow it might be possible but managing   things with someone else demands a routine or schedule so things do not clash with each other including people too!

Workplace Practices: The Good & Bad Ones

Here we will take a look at those workplace practices that either motivate or demotivate the personality type under discussion.

This is a list of all those practices that motivate the 5w4 INFP type:

  • A Quiet Workplace: Too much noise and distractions is not a good idea for these hard and passionate workers
  • Privacy: This personality type prefers to work alone and do not want too many people around them
  • Reduced Supervision: If you want results then give this person a free hand
  • Flexibility: If they can do work in their own way that satisfies their own interests too you will get great results!

Here are the bad workplace practices that drain this personality type:

  • A Lot of Interaction: If the job entails too much interaction with coworkers it might annoy this personality type
  • Lack of Creativity: No creativity means this individual will lose interest soon.
  • Monotony: If there is nothing new then the 5w4 INFP will become demotivated.

5w4 INFP Careers: The Best Jobs

We will explain a few of the jobs that are best suited for this unique and interesting personality type!


One of the reasons why this field is a great idea for the 5w4 INFP is because a scholar is someone who amasses knowledge and this is what these personality types like to do! Furthermore, it involves an intense and lonely journey with a lot of quiet time which draws upon the knowledge gathering and analytical skills of this personality.


The 5w4 INFP likes to think and lets their mind wander. Although cynical, they indeed have an imaginative element and they like to think of new and unique situations. They are great to take up the life of a philosopher who can understand intangible scenarios.


Being surrounded by books and a vast sea of knowledge in a quiet room will indeed attract this introvert. They do not have to talk or interact much with others and must manage the place which they will of course fall deeply in love with.


This is one of the best ways for the 5w4 INFP personality type to express their own self and also engage in a journey of self discovery. They can be creative in their writings or share the knowledge they have gained over time.

Research Scientist

Becoming a research scientist is another great idea especially because these professionals are often left at their own risk to do whatever it takes to discover a cure or understand a certain phenomena and this is exactly what the 5w4 INFP needs!


This article took a look at the 5w4 INFP by not only describing the personality types that make it up but also the workplace practices that affect its motivation levels. The article then highlighted and explained why certain jobs are well suited for this personality type!



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