5w4 INFJ personality (What does this combination mean?)

In this brief guide, we will discuss the 5w4 INFJ combination in a personality and what these traits get together to create. We will look at some INFJ traits as well, and get a sense of what the 5w4 personality is like. We will also discuss some 5w4 INFJ Reddit user reviews.

5w4 INFJ

A 5w4 INFJ may not be someone that is very common, as the 5w4 MBTI usually tends to be more oriented to thinking than feeling, due to their deeply investigative nature and thirst for knowledge, and they may find themselves fitting more into INTP like MBTI types.

A 5w4 INFJ can still exist, and it will usually be someone whose wing 4 is very strong which means that they may have more emotional traits than the regular type 5 rules personalities.

A 5w4 INFJ may be curious about things and want to learn about everything, going down to the last details, but at the same time they may also be empathetic and understanding towards people in their life.

The 5w4 INFJ personality type is likely to be someone that cares deeply about making a difference and at the same time, they may be prone to a slightly fragile sense of self.

The INFJ has intuitive functions as well, and when these crossover with the investigative capability and tendency of the 5w4 personality traits, it creates an individual that is highly motivated to seek the greater truths in a creative and introspective manner.

The enneagram and MBTI combination usually happens by the person taking both kinds of tests and figuring out what types they relate to, and according to that correlation most 5w4 MBTI results tend to favor the INTP or INTJ personality types, but as this theory is not set in stone, other personality type combinations are also possible.

Enneagram 5w4: The Philosopher

The 5w4peronsality is known as the Philosopher because at the crux of this personality type are type 5 traits like investigating and observing and they may always be trying to find the answers to both the abstract as well as the real world.

The 5w4 personality has core traits for the type 5 personality and some traits of the type 4 personality, which means that the 5w4 individual likes to introspect and has a deep capacity to ponder the great mysteries that most people might not be interested in owing to their imagination and thinking abilities.

The 5w4 is likely to be curious, creative, and reserved in their behavior, and they may have a thirst for knowledge and wisdom that drives most of their behavior, which may lead to a tendency to be alone so they may reflect and recharge.

A 5w4 is more emotional and self-expressive than the other five type personalities who tend to be more rational and pragmatic in comparison as they are more investigative and practical in their approach to things.

Type 4 on the other hand tends to be shy or withdrawn, but because 5w4 only has a wing 4, it is possible that these individuals may have only the imagination and creativity of type 4, and not their basic fears or desires.

Type fives with a four-wing have a basic fear similar to that of enneagram type 5, which is being helpless and incompetent, and this basic fear may often cause them to overcompensate by spending their time developing new knowledge and skills to feel useful and worthy.

The philosopher’s personality type may also be prone to existential crises because of their basic fear of being incompetent that may get coupled with their tendency to ponder everything in great detail, which also often makes them ignore more practical, real-world needs.

The basic desire of the five wing four is to feel helpful and able, and they also care a lot about acquiring knowledge and implementing it, or trying to reach conclusions about the knowledge they have gained or the outputs they are getting from the outside world..

They may express their need to gather knowledge by passionately pursuing it and trying to reach a better understanding of the world, which may bring them closer to people so they might learn from them.

The 5w4 may guard themselves against their basic fear of being incompetent or not being good enough by withdrawing from the world and being by themselves at times and they may use this time to introspect on these fears.

Below is a brief version of what we have learned about the 5w4 personality:

  • They can be guarded or withdrawn from others, and they isolate themselves in weak moments.
  • They have a thirst for and seeking new skills and knowledge
  • They are curious and want to explore new environments
  • They like their own company the most
  • They are afraid of being helpless or feeling incapable or being told that they are incapable or insignificant.

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INFJ Personality: The Advocate

The INFJ personality is known as the Advocate, according to the MBTI theory of personality, and this acronym stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging.

The INFJ has a tendency to be altruistic and wise, and they have a deep-rooted need to stick up for others at all times, though they are also well-known for not wanting to do it for themselves.

Goethe, a very famous INFJ person, said, “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being”, which summarizes the INFJs behavior rather well.

The INFJ personality may also have traits of a quiet and calm approach to everything and an ability to engage in deep thoughtfulness.

They are also incredibly humanistic people, but as with all personality types, there are also unhealthy versions of INFJs who may not be all helpful and understanding of others, and may instead be the kind to manipulate others to fit into their ideal world.

The INFJ also has a good imagination and creativity, and prediction of how things may turn out is something they may be very good at, and they do this solely based on their intuitive and imaginative abilities.

The INFJ function stack makes them very Idealistic and as a result of their introverted feeling function, they have great integrity and a staunch belief system, which may not change as a consequence of little things that people around them do or say.

Usually, according to the Enneagram theories of personality, many of the traits the INFJ hasten to fit into the enneagram type 1w9 most of all, as they have an idealism that is in the right place but is not as morally rigid as that of type 1 might be.

INFJ personality is quiet, principled, helping and guiding, and despite their introverted nature the INFJ will be there for those that need them, and their introverted feeling function also means that these individuals also need a lot of time for introspection, which in turn fuels their imagination and creative spirit.

5w4 INFJ Reddit

Because the 5w4 INFJ personality is so rare, one might want to hear from some of the people who have these traits to understand them a little better, and maybe even make up your mind about whether you might have this personality type too.

Given below are excerpts from 5w4 INFJ Reddit discussions where people who have these personality types talk about what they are like and what one might want to look for in these personalities.

“As far as nihilistic and misanthropic thoughts, this makes sense given the core fears of the 5. Unfortunately, they are signs of a less healthy or deteriorating 5, so just be aware of this. But the 5 fears that they are incompetent and therefore seek knowledge or safety in hopes of either not having to deal with it, or knowing enough to have the right answer. 

“Unfortunately this results in an endless loop of trying to gain more and more, hence the vice of avarice according to Beatrice Chestnut. Since people are very complex and messy, with emotions getting in the way of clear solutions, they are often easily perceived as obstacles to avoid, creating a sort of distaste towards interactions. The 5 is inclined to nihilism because they desire to objectively analyze everything while repressing emotions that try to bias the conclusions.” 

“Since the world is essentially meaningless without emotional connections or some higher power imbuing meaning, the nihilism naturally follows. A point of growth to the 5 is to learn that whether they like it or not, they are driven by conscious or unconscious emotions, which are what makes us human. So instead of fighting them, work with them, and express them.”

“type 5 is prone to overcompensating for their lack of confidence in their understanding by projecting an aura of confidence, which ends up just coming off as pride. This pattern can become so subversive and unconscious that they aren’t even aware they are doing it, especially in those who haven’t spent a lot of time in introspection. Asking yourself what the motivation is for giving advice or pointing out your perspectives of what you see in someone can help prevent you from doing so for the wrong reasons and ultimately alienating them with pride.”


In this brief guide, we discussed the 5w4 INFJ combination in a personality and what these traits get together to create. We also looked at some INFJ traits as well and got a sense of what the 5w4 personality is like. We also discussed some 5w4 INFJ Reddit user reviews.

Personality typology is not an exact science by any means and it can be hard to get the correct equation that truly defines your personality. 

In some cases, getting a combination of an enneagram and MBTI personality type, like in the case of a 5w4 INFJ, can help to narrow down the various traits the person feels in themselves. 

These personality combinations come in especially handy when career choices have to be made and when someone needs to know the person on a quick basis, and in those cases, these types provide an astute summary of some traits in the personality.

If you have any questions or comments about the 5w4 INFJ personality or any other personality types, please feel free to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 5w4 INFJ

What does 5w4 mean?

Enneagram 5w4 means someone that has some of the traits of enneagram Type 4 and most of the traits of the Enneagram Type 5, which means that type 5 is the core type.
The 5w4 personality may often be quite withdrawn and individualistic, however, it is possible that the other wing combination between 5 and 4, which is 4w5, may be more emotional and self-revealing.

Is 5w4 rare?

Yes, 5w4 is quite rare, as the types that make up this personality are quite rare to begin with.
5w4 is also very often mistyped, as they are described as very special or talented, which also makes them extremely rare.

What is Infj Enneagram?

INFJ enneagram tends to be mostly Type 4 Wing 5 (4w5). 
This means that an INFJ might relate most to the enneagram subtype with Type 4 as their core ruling personality, wing 5 is another extension of them.




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