4w3 Careers ( A Complete Guide)

In this guide, we will look at the 4w3 careers, 4w3 Personality Type, Type Four and Type Three.

Enneagram Type Four with a Three-Wing is a combination of Type Four and Type Three. Type Four is the core component of this personality archetype.

4w3 Careers

Enneagram Type Four with a Three – Wing constitutes individuals who identify mainly as type four. However, they share certain characteristics with type three. They are ambitious and creative individuals. They carry a deep understanding of themselves which often finds an outlet through their artistic expression. A 4w3 person will enjoy working in a profession that allows them to connect with other individuals while nurturing their creative pursuits.

 Some potential career options for the 4w3 person includes:

  • Performer- This profession allows the 4w3 person to nurture their creative side. They are able to create new and interesting pieces.
  • Motivational Speaker – They can be very empathic and encouraging individuals. Their ability to be intune with how others are feeling, can make them very efficient motivational speakers. They will pump others with motivation and zest.
  • Personal Trainer – As a personal trainer, they will be adept at working with their client in helping them reach their goals. They can be goal-oriented. This can come to play when they have to encourage someone else to reach their goals.
  • Photographer – As a photographer, they will have to draw forth from their abilities to be creative. They have to be able to spot a photograph in a frame that others might miss out on. Their ability to be creative, can enable them to become excellent photographers.
  • Journalist – As a journalist they will be able to bring into play their creativity and people skills, especially while engaging with people from different areas.
  • Music Teacher- Their ability to be creative, can help them work around music with ease.
  • Artist- Again, drawing from their creative abilities, these folks can make a very successful career as an artist.

4w3 Overview

These individuals fear not having any significance in the world. Thus, they counteract this by trying to set themselves apart from others. They want to be distinguished from everyone else around them. They want their lives to be remembered; one that carries a kind of legacy in the years to come. 4w3 folks want an element of uniqueness associated with their personality; a quality that will prevent them from fading in with the crowd. Hence, they will strive to develop a personal identity. In the quest to be different from the rest, they will try to express themselves in a creative manner. Oftentimes, this entails an unconscious adaptation to the characteristics of other individuals.

4w3 persons are rightly referred to as the “Enthusiasts”. They are driven and carry with themselves certain infectious energy.

These individuals are attuned to their inner world. They are adept at making sense of their own feelings. Additionally, they are receptive to the emotions of others. They carry an understanding of what drives others and how they might be feeling. These characteristics allow them to connect efficiently with other people. They are able to conjure up creative ideas and solutions. Creativity is one of the hallmarks of their personality.

There can be certain blindspots associated with this personality archetype. One, they tend to be overly focused on their self-image. They are striving to be unique and different. In the process of doing so, they may get caught up in how others perceive them. This may also tantamount to frequent bouts of self-doubt and insecurity. Further, they might have a strong tendency to constantly seek approval for people.

Certain factors as fuels for this personality archetype. Firstly, they find a sense of satisfaction in expressing themselves in an artistic manner. They feel energized when they are in tune with their feelings and emotions. 4w3 folks like the feeling of being accepted and validated by others. They are motivated by their quest to achieve the professional and personal goals they have set for themselves.

On the other hand, certain factors can be emotionally draining and stressful for the 4w3 person. They feel stifled when their creative expression is restricted. To be able to express themselves, particularly artistically is energizing for the 4w3 person. These individuals like connecting with people. Thus, spending too much time alone can be emotionally draining for the 4w3 person. Conflict can be a dreaded territory for this personality archetype. Generally, they tend to actively confront conflictual situations. Thus, instances that require them to solve interpersonal conflict can be overwhelming for these individuals.

Type 4


Enneagram Type Four with a Three – Wing individuals mainly identify themselves as type four. They share certain characteristics with type three. Type Four forms the core of this personality archetype. Thus, we will delve into understanding this enneagram type.

They are commonly touted to be the “individualist”. They are generally striving to be different from the rest of the crowd. They are focused on establishing a unique personal identity. It stems from their basic fear of being mediocre in life. Fours strive to create a unique identity for themselves. Sometimes they might think of themselves as individuals with unique talents, and skills. These individuals are extremely self-aware. They are in tune with their inner world.  Additionally, they are innately aware of their strengths and individuals. They strive to be authentic even in their emotional expression.

Famous Type Four Personalities:

Frida Kahlo

Angelina Jolie

Virginia Woolf

Anne Frank

Bob Dylan

Anaîs Nin

Amy Winehouse


When it comes to the type Four, they excel at careers which allow them  to bring out their creative side.

 Their creative strengths allow the type Four person to be adept at creating music.

They make for very good poets. They have a creative flow to their thoughts. This coupled with their ability to be able to reflect and introspect allows them to be inclined towards creating poetry.

Journalism is another potential career option for the Type Four person. They are able to perform very well then are given the chance to work on subjects they are extremely passionate about. Their ability to empathize with people also allows them to establish rapport with people while working on their pieces.

Type Four individuals care deeply about other people. They are empathic and believe in standing by what they believe is right. Many times, they tend to conjure up creative ways to fight for a cause. They make for very good activists.

Any form of creating art works well for the Type Four person. With their creative side, they are able to draw inspiration from seemingly mundane situations / objects. They are able to tell a story through their art. They are able to create art through pen, paints, paper and even through digital mediums. Thus, they make for very fine artists and graphic designers.

Type 3 


These individuals are commonly known as the “Achievers”.They are striving to be successful and very oriented toward reaching the expectations they have set for themselves. Often these expectations can be very high. This inclination to achieve stems from their fear of failure.

Naturally, they carry a very competitive streak. They are adept at effectively tailoring their resources and network to reach the top. Despite exuding confidence, they carry a deep need for validation from others. They want people around them to see them as successful individuals.

Threes are focused on their goals. They will pump in smartness and hard work in the pursuit of success. They are extremely charismatic. This complements their sociable and energetic selves. They are adept at navigating through conversation with ease. In their quest to reach the top, they may burden themselves with work to the point of exhaustion. They can be impatient to see their hard work produce tangible results. Oftentimes, they might scrutinize their abilities with a very critical lens.

Famous Type Three Personalities:

Deepak Chopra

Elvis Presley


Muhammed Ali

Oprah Winfrey


Type Three individuals enjoy an intellectually stimulating work environment. Further, it allows them to exert their influence to a larger population. They can make for efficient attorneys.

As an executive, they tend to have greater autonomy in how they function. The Type Three person is able to chart out their course and be in charge. This fuels their determination to reach their goals. 

As a coach, they are able to be in control of the team. They are able to track the team’s successes and falls. The team’s wins and achievements can be validating for them.

Careers To Avoid

There is a lack of structure that constitutes freelance work. This does not sit well with the Enneagram Type 3. They want to be able to keep tabs on their success. They might end up setting extremely unrealistic goals for themselves in the quest to become successful.

Threes want to have control over their goals. Hence, they might set very high expectations for themselves in the quest of doing so. Onlines businesses might be a lucrative career for many people. However, when it comes to the type three person, they might be too impatient to see the business grow, leading them to feel unsuccessful.


In this blog post, we delved into understanding the 4w3 Career, 4w3 Personality Type, Type Four and Type Three.

Frequently Asked Question: 4w3 Careers

Which Enneagram is the rarest?

Type Four is considered to be the rarest (relconsultants.com)

What are good jobs for Enneagram 6?

Some potential career options for Enneagram 6 are:
Executive Assistants
Security Guards
Environmental Specialists

What are good Enneagram 9 jobs?

Human Resources Manager
Social Worker




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