3w4 ENTP Personality Type (A Complete Guide)

This article will take a look at the 3w4 ENTP personality type by not only highlighting its traits but also by describing them in detail. Furthermore, the article will also introduce the personality components that make up this unique personality type!

3w4 ENTPs: How Do They Behave?

The 3w4 ENTPs behave by exhibiting the following traits:

  • Seek Attention
  • Charismatic
  • Sharp Wit
  • Dramatic – Sometimes
  • Extroverted

Before we take a look at these traits, let us introduce the 3w4 enneagram and the ENTP personality type to the readers below!

The Experts – Enneagram 3w4s

This special enneagram type takes on most of the traits of the type 3 enneagram but also shares some traits from the type 4 enneagram. These individuals are very much serious in what they believe in or do. They are ambitious and very focused on their goals or careers. They are fully equipped mentally to take up any challenges that erupt when they are on their journey towards success.

Compared to other 3 type enneagrams, they are more career oriented but introverted at the same time. This allows them to be more focused in their approach. Also they have much more time to work and think over things that need their attention and focus. These enneagrams also define their own self in terms of the work they do. It becomes a part of their self identity and they own it. This is because they are very task focused.

Most of their focus is on their professional development – they aren’t called experts for no reason! They want to know how far they can go in their career and how they can do that. Not only do they work but they also study on how to excel in their field. The 3w4 enneagram wants to gain success in their life – whatever their definition is of what! They are hence career oriented and focus most of their life around their career. They want to be recognized for what they do and gain approval from others. Not in the typical way that people desire fame but in a way that acknowledges their abilities and achievements.

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These personality types are indeed introverts! They think and process things internally which means they will use their mental processes to understand and make sense of information rather than talk to other people about it or engage in brainstorming sessions! They like to spend time by themselves and reflect over their own self, work and achievements and what they want to do in the future. Being alone can be a relaxing activity for this enneagram type.

Fears & Desires – 3w4s

The 3w4 enneagram is afraid of failure and they will do anything to avoid this! Hence they throw themselves head first into their careers and work very hard. The 3w4 enneagram desires to be successful and validated to the extent that they adapt their own self greatly to their environment.

Such people are naturally hard workers who will give it their all to attain whatever success or end goals they desire. They will put in the time and effort required to meet their goals even if this means missing fun nights at the local bar or cafe with their friends. They have long term goals and are willing to give up short term pursuits for it.

What motivates this enneagram type is the recognition they will receive for attaining their goals as well as the inner satisfaction they will feel inside. They want to be known for being an accomplished person who does not shy away from big or difficult challenges.

What Is An ENTP Personality Type? 

Also known as the ‘Debater’, the ENTP is one of the personality types of the Myer Briggs Type Indicator that is extroverted, intuitive, a thinker and perceiver! They are very charismatic and bold, not to mention creative, mentally agile and persistent.

These individuals like to re-energize themselves by meeting friends and family, socializing at their favorite eatery, taking a walk in the park with their friends or simply hanging out with people they love. What matters is that they have someone to give them company, share their feelings and thoughts with and converse maniacally with any topic that comes to mind. It’s refreshing to connect with others.

ENTPs are intuitive which means they don’t always focus on the facts or what is in front of them. Yes they very much appreciate logic and the relationships they can see however, this does not stop them from thinking out of the box. People who are intuitive are known for making many discoveries in world history and this does not happen by just ordinary thinking; they must go beyond the scope they are given! They give value to their vision, dreams and even imagination and combine that with what they already have in their hands.

Such people give weightage to their thoughts and what seems structured or logical rather than the emotions they feel for others. Sometimes this can be detrimental and they find difficulty in understanding the emotional complaints or requests their loved ones have. People with this personality type focus on values like truth and justice and prefer to see the logic or aim of things. They can be described as task oriented rather than people oriented.

ENTPs are perceivers and this may explain why they are able to achieve so much in terms of their discoveries and contributions to the world. Such people are spontaneous; they prefer things that come and go rather than a structured boring plan. They need excitement and can’t wait for it. 

3w4 ENTPs: How Do They Behave?

We will now take a look at the popular traits that the 3w4 ENTP personality exhibits in this upcoming section!

Seek Attention

It is not surprising that this personality type would seek attention from time to time without really admitting it. Not only are they extroverts but they also have a lot going on up there in their head that they would like to share with others! Unlike typical introverts that may feel content just knowing and studying something, this personality type wants to share knowledge and their discoveries with others.

It allows them to not only fill their desire of connecting with others and socializing but also stimulates their internal mental processes – their minds!


We all have to admit that a person who knows what they are saying does come across as charismatic! Usually people either don’t know what they are saying and will go on blabbering about things or they will remain quiet and focus on their work. The 3w4 ENTP however, has great command over their words as well as their mind and will speak logically. This indeed impresses people and hence the 3w4 ENTP comes across as someone who is charismatic! They also seem friendly and approachable because people like to listen to what they have to say and they of course have a friendly and warm aura that surrounds them!

Sharp Wit

These personalities not only know what is being talked about but they are great debaters so be careful before you actually challenge them. They are great with their minds and will use whatever logic they can stir up to win an argument or prove their point. The natural desire to engage in conversations in them also pushes them to speak up and not fall behind from their position. They will not hesitate showing off the knowledge or understanding they have regarding a certain topic.

Dramatic – Sometimes

Yes the 3w4 ENTP may come across as dramatic sometimes and this may be because they are passionate about what they study or believe in and are of course extroverts and will like the attention that comes along with it. They, afterall, need some drama in their life.


The influence of the ENTP is strong enough to push this personality type towards the extroverted side where they like to engage in conversations with people, spend their evenings with friends and family or at a local cafe just hanging out hoping to meet new people. They love to talk to other people and learn more about them and it helps them feel refreshed and relaxed!


This article took a look at the 3w4 ENTP personality type by not only highlighting its most popular traits but also by describing them in detail. The article also took a look at the personality components that make it up namely the 3w4 enneagram and the ENTP personality from the MBTI inventory!

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