A Guide to 3w2 (Features and details)

In this brief guide, we will discuss the features and details of the personality type 3w2, as well as other topics related to 3w2.

Definition and features of 3w2

The 3w2 personality is typified by traits such as ambition, confidence, a need to do well where goals are concerned, and a tendency to get along well with people and employ the superior interpersonal skills to achieve goals effectively.

People with type 3w2 personality, also known as the Enchanter or Charmer may be extremely extroverted and may have a way with people, making new connections with ease whenever they go.

3w2 are people who identify as enneagram type threes with a two wing and, therefore, has traits of both, with the prevalence of the basic fear and desire of type 3.

3w2 may be very charming and enthusiastic in their behavior. 

They may also be driven towards their goals and love to achieve things and they may be rather flexible, adapting their attitude to their environment.

The 3w2 is also likely to have great people skills and maybe quite altruistic, helping other people and making a difference in the community, and they may be effective communicators as well.

Basic Desire of a 3w2

The basic desire of the 3w2 personality is similar to that of the enneagram type 3, which is to be admired and accepted, and feel accomplished. 

The 3w2 may seek value through the accomplishment of goals and ambitions, and these people may push themselves deeper into their work, causing major problems of workaholism and competitiveness.

At their best, these desires to be achievers and make great things happen may bring them success and also make the world a better place through their accomplishments, but at their worst, in an unhealthy manner, it may cause them to ignore other things and make them ruthless and mindless, till the pursuit of success is all that matters.

The 3w2 may alter their persona according to the audience, and make it so that they may be easily liked and often this causes them to play a character rather than being themselves.

They may do this as a means of being accepted and also in order to achieve the things they want more easily, the pure 3 may not have the people skills of 3w2, and the 3w2 will often use these people skills to get ahead as well.

Basic Fear of a 3w2

The basic fear that drives a 3w2 is also similar to that of type 3, which is the fear of being worthless or not being able to achieve things they set their mind to.

The 3w2 decides early on what they need, they may have set goals from a young age, and they may have a clear path outlined in their head.

They will rarely consider what they might do if they don’t achieve it, that is how confident they are, which is actually hiding the fact that they are terrified of failing.

The type 3, or 3w2 as well, may not even think of failure because they may find it so scary, and all the time this fear of failure and of being worthless drives them.

With the addition of the type 2 traits, they may also have additional fear of failing in their interpersonal relationships as well, or not being able to fulfill the roles they have taken on, and they may often overcompensate to ensure this does not happen.

Strengths of a 3w2

Given below are some key strengths of the 3w2 personality:

  • They are driven and ambitious
  • They are hard-working and determined, and will make things happen no matter what
  • They know how to balance work and social life
  • They are charming and pleasing and maybe fun to talk to
  • They may make dynamic leaders, who are able to get the best out of their workers and get things done efficiently
  • They may also be energetic and enthusiastic to be around
  • They may show immense dedication to achieving their goals
  • They are naturally self-confident and self-aware
  • They have the ability to easily connect with others
  • They often care deeply for their community
  • They are super-efficient in the workplace

Weaknesses of the 3w2

Here are some weaknesses that may often be seen in the 3w2 personality:

  • They may be too driven and forget about other things in their pursuit
  • They may often ignore their own health and safety
  • They may be somewhat aggressive when challenged about their ambition
  • They may feel threatened if someone offers to help them, seeing it as a comment on their skill
  • They may drive other people too hard in order to deliver the best they can
  • They may frequently manipulate people to achieve what they want
  • They may be focusing on social image far too much
  • They may struggle to accept failure from others, which may make them quite rough as bosses
  • They may often be overly competitive or possessive

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3w2 vs 3w4

The other type of wing on the enneagram type 3 is the 3w4, which may contain some traits of type 4 like being introverted, focusing energies more inward, seeking inner knowledge more than outer knowledge, while the 3w2 is more invested in the external world.

3w2 may tend to be more outgoing, charming, and might care more about making connections with the intention of getting people to value them while the 3w4 may be somewhat distant, aloof, and invested in their own personal goals as opposed to seeking out others people or engaging too much with the environment around them.

The 3w4 may also look more conventional and polished whereas the 3w2 might appear more jovial and fun, but both of these types will be ruthless and determined underneath the approaches they take.

The 3w2 may also have a more socially oriented ideology of succeeding for those who helped them get there, and they might freely share their victories with others in the circle, whereas the mentality that 3w4 is working with maybe more along the lines of succeeding for those who said they couldn’t or those that may have spurned them.

Both types will be very driven and confident but their approach to interpersonal life will be dramatically different.

2w3 vs 3w2

The 2w3 may focus on being helpful and affectionate and care about other people a lot more, and the type 3 traits may be used more towards being an outstanding helper while the 3w2 is the opposite; the 3w2 may seek goals to accomplish to achieve the successful image they crave and may use the type 2 traits to help along that by being helpful to people and forming connections.

Both 3w2 and 2w3 can show the immense personal charm and the desire to be liked, but the motivations behind them are very different.

The 3w2 is charming and connects with others because they want to achieve things and this is one of the ways they think that will happen, whereas the 2w3 is charming and makes connections because they are afraid of being abandoned and rejected and they try whatever they can to avoid that.

2w3 may give the other person lots of appreciative attention in the hopes of being valued as a friend, whereas the 3w2 may be attentive and talk a lot and discuss things that are important to the other person, like a good salesman, and create a relationship that is equal, as opposed to the nurturer-ward relationship that the 2w3 might form.

Enneagram 3w2 Careers

The 3w2 may do well in most careers, if they offer what they want to achieve, money, power, fame, or whatever it is.

They might do especially well in careers that involve interaction with people and where they can use their people skills to their advantage, like politics, perhaps.

The 3w2 might also be well suited to a career that involves some kind of authority, not because they have any such desire, but because they may bring out the best in their underlings as well.

They may also do very well in jobs where their competitive nature is an asset rather than something people scorn about, like an Attorney kind of agent in sports, literary aspect, entertainment, or otherwise.

The 3w2 is also hard-working and determined enough to make a fantastic journalist or producer.

Some careers that the 3w2 would die a slow death as might be untethered sort of things like Freelance writing, or something vague and limited like running an Etsy shop, or any self-employment situations that don’t allow for proper advancement.

Enneagram Types

The Enneagram is a circle that consists of 9 equidistant points on it, with 9 at the top and all others around it and below it, which represent the 9 types of personality.

These 9 Enneagram types are summarised as such:

  • 1: The Reformer or Idealist whose traits include idealism, pragmatism, morality, justice, and a tendency to think deeply about inequality and wanting to do the right thing.
  • 2: The Caregiver, traits include being very affectionate, loving, caring and attached to people, wanting to be there for them all the time and being afraid of being unloved.
  • 3: The Performer/Achiever, the tendency to achieve goals, hardworking, determined, ambitious and confident
  • 4: The Individualist/Artist/Romantic, with traits like preference of solitutde, introspective, introverted, shy, wanting to make a difference in the world or being significant in some way
  • 5: The Investigator: traits like skepticism, questioning things, curious, investigative, observant and thinking a lot
  • 6: The Loyalist: Dependable, friendly, helpful, skeptic, afraid of being abandoned or rejected, may be annxious or suspicious
  • 7: The Enthusiast: High energy, excitable, full of ideas, optimistic, not wanting to miss out on anything, highly extroverted
  • 8: The challenger/Protector: intimidating, powerful, leader, protective, reserved, quiet and does not want to be controlled or hurt by anyone.
  • 9: The Peacemaker: Avoiding conflict, peaceful tendency, adaptibility, agreeableness, easygoing.


In this brief guide, we discussed the features and details of the personality type 3w2, as well as other topics related to 3w2. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 3w2

What is a 3w2?

3w2 is characterized by their traits like abitiousness, people-oriented nature, altruism, helpfulness and easy to get along with tendency.

The 3w2 may be afraid of failing and being unworthy of love and may avoid this by setting and accomplishing goals, so that they may feel successful and worthy. 

What does a 3 go to in stress?

When the 3 is in stress they may go to the position of unhealthy 9, as it is their direction of disintegration, and they may act somewhat apathetic towards their goals and give in to a desire to just give up.

They may also experience a sense of failure and thei may try to run away from conflict.

What is a 3 in the Enneagram?

The 3 in enneagram is an achiever or performer, and this may be someone with traits like self-assuredness, attractiveness, and charm. 

The 3 in enneagram may be highly ambitious, competent, and energetic, and they might also show some tendency to be image-conscious and they may be highly driven for advancement. 

What is the rarest Enneagram type?

The rarest enneagram type is Type 8, followed by type 4 and 5.




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