3w2 & 7w8: Enneagram Relationships (A Complete Guide)

This article will take a look at the relationship quality between the 3w2 and 7w8 enneagram types and determine how compatible they are. The article will not only introduce these enneagrams in detail but also highlight why they may or may not be compatible as well as highlight their fears and desires.

3w2 & 7w8 Enneagrams: Are They Good Partners?

The 3w2 and 7w8 enneagram types perform well as partners in relationships because they often appear similar in their behaviours. They are quite forward in their thinking and like to think about what lies ahead rather than being stuck in the past or focusing too much on the present.

Both of these enneagrams have quite a lot of energy and are not lazy or laid back! They love to join in on new opportunities and experiences and will not miss out on things that they come across. This energy allows both of them to take part in activities together and hence increase their bonding and give them more opportunities to spend time together.

The 7w8 enneagram is perfectly capable of asserting themself in terms of what they want or how they feel. The 3w2 enneagram is also similar in this aspect because they are not only confident but also able to connect with others. Hence, these enneagrams in relationships do not experience many communication issues because both of them speak up and solve their problems through talking rather than distancing themselves from the other.

The 3w2 and 7w8 enneagram are both impatient. Although this could be a bad trait, it helps out in relationships because both of them know the perils of waiting and hence they like to get things done fast not only for their own self but for their partner too!

What puts them apart is how they approach life! The 7w8 enneagram is more focused on having fun and doing things that make them happy. They like to try out new things and may become distracted easily. The 3w2 enneagram wants to focus on those tasks that not only interest them but lead to the success they desire. They plan everything around their work and will do anything to get the task done.

Before we talk about their fears and desires and how they differ, we will introduce the 2 enneagrams in detail.

The 7w8 Enneagram: The Opportunist

The 7w8 enneagram that is also known as the ‘Opportunist’ is one that is mostly made up of traits from the type 7 enneagram but shares some traits with the type 8 enneagram too. Compared to most type 7 enneagrams, these individuals are more committed and hard working in their work going the extra mile. They like to put work first and ensure they have completed their tasks or assignments. This is powered by the innate determination they have to get done with whatever they have promised to get done. The 7w8 enneagram is also more tough in their behavior and a bit protective – they like to remain composed.

At the same time they are very enthusiastic individuals. They like to be energetic in whatever they do rather than take a sluggish or half hearted approach in what they do. They are keen to get things done and take an interest in whatever is on their schedule that needs attention.

Like other enneagrams, these ones also like to seek new opportunities and make the best out of them. They are gratification seekers and don’t want to miss out any experiences that they come across. At the same time, they have a very optimistic attitude about life and like to be happy! 

They have an extroverted trait to them as well. The type 7w8 enneagram is fond of being around other people and loves to interact, socialize and have fun. They like to attend public events or gatherings where they can meet new people, relax and just enjoy the moment and live in it. Hence, these people are great to call to parties or gatherings because they keep things alive and going and don’t let anyone feel left out or bored – they are the life of the party!

It is obvious that one fear these enneagrams have is missing out on the fun going around them. Hence they may fall into a dilemma when it comes to commitments or letting go and just having fun. However, their personality tends to pull them more towards their commitments and hence they are able to pull through and show how reliable they are – making the right choices at the right time matters.

Enneagram Type 3w2: The Enchanter

Enneagram type 3w2 is a personality type that is ambitious, charming and passionate when it comes to describing their personality type. They also possess good communication skills and are hence effective communicators and can get messages across to the other party very effectively!

As we mentioned, these enneagram types are very ambitious and hence they have a habit of setting very high and lofty goals for themselves which not only keeps them going but allows them to challenge their own selves. They grow through such activities and are able to feel complete and secure because of their continuous and successful striving in their area of work.

Not only do they work hard but they do so to seek success; this is what drives them internally and externally because they want to be successful and also focus on how they appear to others socially. They want to be admired and respected and one of the ways to do this is by proving oneself to others through setting high goals and achieving them.

The enneagram type 3w2 is an enneagram type that is made up of the following two personality types:

  • Enneagram Type 3
  • Enneagram Type 2

Let us take a quick look at both of these enneagram types!

Who Is A Type 3 Enneagram?

A type 3 enneagram is also called the ‘Achiever’ because of their desire that drives them to accomplish the big things in life. They are very hard working; putting in much time and energy in their work in order to achieve the success they desire!

These individuals are known to be very confident and have high levels of self efficacy, determination and the will to compete with others. However, they are also concerned about how others think of them and their image in the public which is sometimes very stressful.

The basic desire of an Achiever is to feel valuable and worthy of attention. They want others to know about their achievements and appreciate them or show them recognition in some way. 

Who Is An Enneagram Type 2?

An enneagram type 2 is also known as the Helper because of their desire to help others and make their tasks easier or remove any burden upon them.  They are very caring and have great interpersonal skills that allow them to interact with people to help them and understand their situation and needs. Personality traits used to describe type 2s include possessive, demonstrative, helpful and people pleasing.

People with this type are very empathetic and have profound emotional intelligence thus it makes them more approachable and appealing to people who are in need of help and find it difficult to ask. 

Fears & Desires – 7w8s Vs 3w2s

Although they want to be committed and come out as reliable people others can depend on because they ensure they meet tasks, the 7w8 enneagram is scared of missing out on new experiences. They do not want to be deprived of what life has to offer them and this puts them in a difficult spot. Why? They have a number of commitments and work tasks to meet so it is not always possible to let go of things and do what they want when they want to.

This fear is accompanied by the one that they may miss out because of their work schedules. They do not want to be controlled by what they are doing and wish to have flexible schedules that allow them to organize things from time to time so they can incorporate new things into their schedule and hence not miss out on anything they want to pursue.

These guys just want to be happy and content. They want to be assured that they have not missed out on anything that they wanted to try. Being happy is an integral part of their peace and they do usually attain this by surrounding themselves with people that they get along with, like or are new and can thus get to learn more about them. They like to travel around the world and be part of new cultural or social experiences and see how things are different in other parts of the world.

The type 7w8 enneagram also likes to attend parties. It gives them a chance to relax and meet new people and just socialize and hence get lost in the moment. 

When it comes to the 3w2 enneagram, they have entirely different fears and desires and hence are motivated in an entirely different manner.

These individuals are scared of being failures and getting left behind. They are scared they will not receive any recognition from others for any type of achievement. The 3w2 is also trapped in the fear that they will not be worthy of love.

When it comes to their desires, they want to reach high goals that they have set and be successful not only in their own eyes but in the eyes of others and hence be recognized, valued and appreciated.


This article took a look at the compatibility between the enneagrams 3w2 and 7w8 by introducing them and their fears and desires as well as commenting on why they are or are not compatible.




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