2w1 Relationships ( A Guide)

In this guide, we will understand the 2w1 relationships, 2w1 personality type, Type 2, and Type 1.

Enneagram Type Two with a One-Wing is a combination of Type Two and Type One. However, Type Two is the core component in this personality archetype.

Type 2w1


Type 2w1 comprises of a combination of type Two and type One. However, the predominant characteristics of the 2w1 stem from type Two. They share certain characteristics with type One. These individuals are warm and loving individuals. They tend to be large-hearted when it comes to love. 

When the 2w1 person finds themselves in a stressful situation, the type One element of perfectionism makes an appearance. Here, the need to help and care for others meets the type One tendency to be the “I know it best”. Consequently, the 2w1 type person might appear to be overbearing. They will constantly pester people, advising them on the “correct” decision to make in life. They appear to be very preachy individuals. Their advice will be directed at the other individual’s life more than their own. In relationships, this can be very frustrating for the partner. Type two individuals tend to neglect their own feelings and desires. This is exacerbated by the type One tendency that places caring for personal desires as wrong/selfish. In times of stress, the 2w1 person is likely to neglect their own bodies. This might be severe to the point of body shaming,  eating disorders. 

They are driven to make a difference in the world. The Helper element stemming from type Two, pushes them to be very receptive to the needs of other individuals.  Thus, they are likely to be aware of their partner’s needs in the relationship. They might be able to sense when something goes awry.

The characteristics of type One, motivate them to move towards the right thing. Resultantly, these individuals are driven to bringing justice in dark areas. They will readily take up tasks that might not pave the way for the most glamorous endeavor. The Helper type Two individual lies in the Heart triad. While type One lies in the Body triad. This brings about a balance in how the 2w1 processes reality. The type 2 tendency to be driven by their feelings is counteracted by a sort of reality check by the body triad. This prevents them from basing all their decisions merely on their emotions.

They crave love and acceptance, especially from the persons they care about. Thus, while they are concerned about how their partner feels, they wish the same from their partner. They want their partner to also shower them with love and affection while being considerate towards their needs.

2w1 individuals often struggle with the fear of being rejected or abandoned by the one they love. These insecurities lead them to tend to the needs of their loved ones to a great extent. It helps them fend off their insecurity. It acts as a sort of avoidance mechanism. They will go to any length to ensure the person they care for stays. Sometimes, this means repressing their feelings. They may avoid sharing negative feelings, thought, or emotions for the fear of being abandoned by their partner. This leads to an internal tug of war when they are trying to please every other person in the room, with their true feelings at stake. 


Enneagram Two with a One-Wing person is adept at recognizing the needs of other people. They will readily offer support and help to those in need. Additionally, they tend to be aware of themselves, paying attention to their own growth and improvement. These individuals are also able to focus their attention on the task at hand.

They struggle with dealing with criticism. They are most likely to take even constructive criticism personally. The Enneagram Type Two with a One-Wing person can also be too critical of themselves in certain situations. They may feel insecure. Further, they tend to thrive on praise from others. Sometimes, they can get too caught up in seeking validation from others. In the quest of making others happy, they may neglect their own needs.

2w1 individuals are generous. They provide encouragement and support to those in need. The Enneagram Type Two with a One-Wing individual makes for a good teacher. While they may be loving folks, 2w1 people can also have a judgemental stance in situations. Their core component of type Two can lead to them being controlling at times. This tendency is likely to be exacerbated in unhealthy types. These individuals make us of their day in the most productive manner. Laziness and procrastination are a territory they rarely venture into.

As mentioned earlier, they put others first. Type Two individuals may find themselves caught up in pleasing people, while Type One folks are more likely to be attuned with themselves. 

Type Two

Type Two individuals are extremely nurturing individuals. They will be striving to ensure everyone else around them is happy. In a relationship, they will pay attention to their partner’s needs. They make for very supportive partners. They might feel insecure when others do not pay attention to their needs. They may not feel valued enough. Hence, they expect a kind of reassurance from their romantic partners. They experience problems related to their self-esteem. Their self-esteem can plummet at the drop of the hat. Hence, for type Two, it is important to have a supportive and reassuring partner too. They want to know that they matter and that they are loved.

Type Two individuals are generally labeled as the “Helpers”. These individuals are very concerned with fulfilling the needs of the people they care about.  As lovers, they might be sensitive to how their partner is feeling. In the process of doing so, they might neglect their own needs. They are very receptive to the emotions of others. They approach life, guided by their emotions and feelings. This puts them in the Heart Triad. Their emotional intelligence allows them to develop a keen understanding of their own emotions and feelings too. When healthy, they take the time out to tend to their own needs. They will make self-care a priority in their lives too. The type Two person will go out of their way to offer help and support to the one they love. Yet, they are aware of their boundaries. They are attentive to the needs of their partner. They naturally tend to be supportive of their partner. They will not shy away from expressing their love, appreciation for the partner. They might it difficult to provide personal space to their partners. The Type Two person may find it difficult to express their own needs. Further, they may struggle with receiving constructive criticism from their partners.

Type One

Type One individuals are inclined towards making a difference in the world. They are ethical, with a strong moral compass. Type One individuals harbor the desire to do be the best at what they do. They can be controlling sometimes. Type One folks are reliable. They are likely to stand by what they promise. Further, they make an effort to improve themselves, reassessing their values. Type One individuals tend to attribute their worth to be able to do things correctly and with perfection. Thus, they may set extremely high standards for themselves and other aspects of their lives.

Type One folks are likely to bring an element of perfectionism into their romantic relationships too. For them, relationships hold deep meaning. They will make every effort to ensure they do not ruin their relationships. Resultantly, relationships can become a priority for the Type One person. They do not want to disappoint the other person. Hence, they attempt to be the best version of themselves. They will take the effort to improve and make changes. Further, the Type One person will always offer support and encouragement to their partner. 

They try to bring an element of fun to the relationship as well. While they strive to ensure things are smooth and perfect in the relationship, the Type One person can also be fun. They make the effort to let their partner know they are loved and cared for. Thus, they take action to ensure the relationship is a fun and positive place for their partner as well. 


In this blog post, we delved into understanding 2w1 relationships, 2w1 personality type, Type 2, and Type 1.

Frequently Asked Questions: 2w1 Relationships

What does an Enneagram 2 go to in stress?

In the midst of stress, the type Two person can display aggressive tendencies.  This is also seen as them moving in their Direction of Disintegration (Stress). When type Two person moves in their Direction of Integration or growth, they tend to become more emotionally aware (enneagraminstitute.com).

Which Enneagram has most anxiety?

Enneagram Type Six also known as the Loyalist is likely to have most anxiety (relconsultants.com)

What does an unhealthy 6 look like?

Enneagram Type Six individuals can sometimes become defensive. They are also known to be very anxious individuals. Further, they may be rebellious and might react instantly to situations (enneagraminstitute.com).

Who are Enneagram Twos most compatible with?

Enneagram Type two individuals ar





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