Everything You Need to Know About 1w9 Personality (A Guide)

In this brief guide, we will talk about the 1w9 personality type wing, including some features and aspects of this wing. We will also briefly discuss Enneagrams and Enneagram personality types.

What is 1w9 personality?

1w9 personality is a combination of two distinct enneagram types, which is 1 and 9, which are adjacent types on an Enneagram in the Center ruled or driven by the emotion anger or rage, called Instinctual.

This personality subtype is also known as the Optimist, and seeks to combine the positive traits from both types, that is, the idealism and justice and balance seeking perfectionist tendencies of Enneagram type 1 with the peacemaking, adaptive and easygoing traits of Enneagram type 9.

Wings in Enneagram

The concept of wings in enneagrams refers to the overlap or crossover between two adjacent personality types based on the idea that distinction of personality types can be arbitrary, and several traits of different types may exist in the individual, even if they may be contradictory in nature.

An example of the contradictory traits existing in the same person is seen in Enneagram types 1 and 9, where sometimes a perfectionist and idealist like Type 1 may at the same time be easygoing and not quite so stringent about enforcing the inner drive in an external manner.

This may be seen in more mature individuals, perhaps, who have gained a lifetime of experience and maybe even sought therapy for their rigidness, and have mellowed out considerably as a result, becoming more adaptive and relaxed over time.

Wings do not just exist as a result of an unconscious possession of distinctive traits, sometimes they may also exist out of a conscious effort on the part of the person to make themselves better, to diversify and break out of old, unhealthy patterns, like rigidity in case of Enneagram type 1.

Wings in Enneagram theory are useful in terms of helping the individual become their best self, as they are derived from other enneagram types that is driven by the same unconscious emotions as the person’s core personality type, like in the case of 1w9.

Enneagram Test

Enneagram tests exist to serve the function of allowing the individual to look within themselves and find out what their core trait is.

Without knowing what your core enneagram type is, one cannot know what they may be lacking and where they can create wings or what wing structures they might need to change.

The proponents of the enneagram theory of personality created a test that is used chiefly in employment settings to give the interviewer a sense of the interviewee’s personality beforehand, so they may get a sense of who they might be hiring.

There are various tests available online that may help you figure out your chief enneagram type, and you can find such a list here.

Enneagram 1

Enneagram type 1 is known by various names like the Perfectionist, the Reformer, the Idealist, and the Rational.

The truth is, these are all just traits in these individuals, so it does not matter what they may be called. 

These names create the image of someone driven by the sense of right and wrong, a strong sense of balance and equality and justice, a tendency to go against the established practices if they make decisions that sway towards the immoral and wrong.

In an unhealthy way, these traits may manifest as the rigid, almost cruel extent of enforcing rules and regulations in order to right wrongs, a steadfast sense of morality and ethics that does not consider the presence of potential gray areas, and trying to justify things as black and white, rather than factor in the fact that human experience exists on a continuum.

An extremely unhealthy version of Enneagram 1 may be seen in the Marvel character Thanos.

His motto is specifically “Perfectly balanced, as all things should be”. He is capable of going to any extent, even mass genocide, to correct the wrong of overpopulation and burden on the universe.

He seeks a balanced, ideal, and perfect society, one that is not plagued by any problem of resources or related issues, and the fact that he is willing to wipe out half the population is proof of how far an unhealthy Enneagram 1 may be willing to go.

The true Enneagram type 1 thing about Thanos, however, is the fact that he tries to be morally correct even in something so obviously problematic as mass genocide; his idea for being fair is wiping people out randomly, without discrimination, without choice. 

While not every Enneagram type 1 wants to finish off half the living beings in the universe, one might see this constant struggle they experience when they try to make big decisions; is it morally correct, is it ethically correct, will it hurt anyone, is it the right call? 

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

On the other hand, though, the healthy Enneagram type 1 is smart, just individuals who truly want a better society and are willing to do something about it.

They are dependable and fair, and one need never be afraid of being cheated or hurt around them because their entire existence is about making sure they create the best world possible.

1w9 personality

The 1w9 personality is also known as the Optimist.

When the rigidity and excruciating moral quandary of the enneagram type 1 meets the peacemaker type 9, who is a bit more relaxed and easy-going, it helps them mellow a little, and may help them tone down their struggle.

The 1w9 personality may be judicial and rational in their behavior owing to enneagram type 1, but these people are generally more calm and balanced than another enneagram type 1 personality. 

They still have a great desire for justice and equality and they can also see both sides of an issue easily, but they may not ponder the rights and wrongs of every detail as much.

Type One wing Nine personalities is also motivated by a strong sense of right and wrong, but they find healthier, more adaptive ways of seeing it come to fruition.

The basic desire of 1w9 is usually simply to be morally good, as enneagram type 1 is still the core personality type, but due to the wing nine, they tend to use it to advocate for the rights of others through constructive methods like teaching and discussion.

They also try to respond to negativity by redirecting their emotions, and in unhealthy practices, they might avoid them completely.

The fear that drives these people is the same, being morally and ethically corrupt, making the wrong decision, of not being able to help, but the intensity of this fear may mingle a bit with type 9, and create doubts about being accepted for who they are at the same time.

Here are some 1w9 strengths:

  • They have fantastic attention to detail
  • They can defend the rights of others in a calm and calculated manner
  • They show care for their community and environment
  • They have strong personal values and they abide by them
  • They have an imaginative world view that is founded in logic

Some of the weaknesses of 1w9 are:

  • Due to their tendency to be consumed by abstract concepts and right and wrong, they may sometimes seem detached or impersonal
  • They may have trouble dealing with the negativity in the world
  • They may be overly critical of themselves as well as others.
  • They can be sensitive to challenges and become somewhat stubborn when challenged, especially about their beliefs.

1w9 INTJ

INTJ is a personality type in MBTI and it refers to Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging and these people tend to have introverted feelings and extroverted thinking traits, which make these individuals great thinkers and analyzers.

INTJs are known for their capacity to look for logic in the abstract and be detail-oriented, and while INTJs usually have 5w6 or 6w5 personalities, they may sometimes have 1w9 personalities as well.

It has been seen that INTJs of the 1w9 type emphasize their introverted feeling more than usual. 

The rational part of their behavior is seen in their introverted thinking, and this is a trait that will actually be seen in INTJs with different enneagram types as well.

They are also in great control of their emotions, and outbursts of any intensity are rare, along with irrationality as well.

Competency is valued a lot in these personalities, and they tend to be very hard workers, hardly ever making a mistake. 

They might do things very by the book or according to rules and norms and may show profound discipline.

1w9 INFJ

INFJ is more likely to have enneagram type 4 and related wings, but in some cases, INFJs may also relate to the 1w9 personality type.

These individuals may not do very well in situations where things are mundane and there are no challenges, but they are still compelled to do their absolute best despite the situations.

They will likely be accomplished in their chosen field and try to function at their best, and their field might be related to something that is based in fact and science rather than abstract and artistic.

However, that is not to say that they cannot be creative and imaginative, because the extroverted sensing function of the INFJ ensures a certain degree of creativity and imagination.

These individuals can be very decisive and perceptive, despite the strong Judging tendencies of the INFJ, as the 1w9 promises a sound decision-making process.


In this brief guide, we talked about the 1w9 personality type wing, including some features and aspects of this wing. We also briefly discussed Enneagrams and Enneagram personality types. Please reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 1w9 personality

What is a 1w9?

1w9 is an enneagram type, which may also be called One Wing Nine, as it mixed the traits of the two enneagram personalities.

These people tend to be prone to advocating for the needs of others, and trying to make sure that balance and justice prevails, and there are no right or wrong concepts in the world, thinking of an ideal world and trying to play their part in causing its existence.

What is a 1w9 Enneagram?

A 1w9 Enneagram means someone with an Enneagram Type 1 personality with a Type 9 wing.

What this also means is that this person has the typical core traits of the enneagram type 1 personality, but they may be moderated or influenced by the traits of the enneagram type 9 personality as well.

What is an Enneagram Type 1?

Enneagram Type 1 is also known as the Perfectionist, and these are individuals with a high degree of idealism and a grave sense of justice and right and wrong.

People with Enneagram Type 1 personality seek a balanced and well-segmented and equal society and can be very disciplined and decisive, always making sure they choose the right thing.

What Enneagram type is Michelle Obama?

Michelle Obama is an Enneagram type 1, which means that she is an idealist and quick decision-maker, who cannot stand any sort of immoral behavior or injustice.

According to the Myers Briggs system, Michelle Obama is an INTJ.



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