1w9 vs 3w2 (A 7 Point Guide)

In this guide we will be comparing two Enneagram personality types: 1w9 and 3w2. Their respective strengths, weaknesses, coping skills and other aspects of their personality will also be covered. 

1w9 vs 3w2:

1w9 and 3w2 are personality types on the Enneagram. 1w9s have a 1 core and a 9 wing, meaning that most of their traits are type 1, with some traits being type 9. 3w2s have a 3 core and a 2 wing, meaning that they are primarily type 3s with a few traits borrowed from type 2. 

1w9s have been given the title of ‘The Optimist’ due to their tendency to focus only on the positive and avoid negativity at all costs. 3w2s are given the title of ‘The Enchanter’ because they are charming and inspiring individuals.

There are some important differences between 1w9s and 3w2s. The basic desire of 1w9s is to do the morally correct thing in all situations. Their basic fear is of unintentionally or intentionally doing something unjust or immoral. The basic fear of 3w2s is a fear of being unloved or failing at something. Their basic desire is for praise and acceptance from others. 

3w2s are usually sociable and outgoing. They seek other people out, often for praise and approval. On the other hand, 1w9s are introverts. They prefer their alone time and don’t actively seek out social interactions and relationships. 3w2s adapt easily to new situations and are usually well-liked by those around them. 1w9s, due to their 1 wing tend to be a little rigid and inflexible, especially when it comes to their strongly held principles and values. Additionally, they come across as detached and aloof due to their fear of involving themselves with others for a fear of negative outcomes.

Due to their type 3 core, 3w2s are achievement-oriented and ambitious. In addition to striving for success themselves, they like to lead and inspire others towards success. 1w9s on the other hand are less focused on success. They prefer to work alone and in the background rather than being in the line of fire. 3w2s are energetic and competitive and have a tendency to become workaholics. 1w9s on the other hand often come across as lazy, due to their fear of taking risks. 

Owing to their 2 wing, 3w2s depend on the approval and love of others a lot more than 1w9s. They are so focused on what other people think of them, that they often change the way they portray themselves depending on the situation. As a result 3w2s frequently play different roles rather than staying true to themselves. This tendency is absent in 1w9s, who have a clear set of principles and values that they abide by regardless of the situation.

On the Enneagram diagram there are arrows leading to and from the nine personality types. They serve as an indicator of where an individual with a specific type goes when they are in integration or disintegration. Arrows that move away from a certain personality type indicate disintegration or stress points for that type. Conversely, arrows that move towards a type signify integration or personal growth. 

When 1w9s are moving towards disintegration they resemble unhealthy type 4s and become moody and irrational. When moving towards integration they are easygoing and cheerful, like healthy type 7s. When 3w2s are moving towards integration they are headed in the direction of healthy 6s, who are responsible and cooperative individuals. Conversely, when they are moving towards disintegration, they become detached and apathetic like unhealthy 9s. 

Despite these myriad differences, 1w9s and 3w2s have some things in common. Both are driven to serve their community and have big goals for their own future as well as the future of society. 



  • Loyal to their principles
  • Detail-oriented
  • Involved in their communities
  • Thinking logically and imaginatively 
  • Stand up for those weaker than themselves 


  • Success-oriented and hard working 
  • Self-confident and self-aware
  • Positive attitude
  • Engage well with others 
  • Efficient 
  • Good communication skills 



  • Appear cold or aloof
  • Critical of self and others
  • Stubborn 
  • Avoid negativity at all costs 

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  • Obsessive about public image
  • Fear of failure
  • Competitive and unintentionally manipulative 
  • Prone to narcissism 

Sources of Stress:


  • Being ignored or undervalued 
  • Feeling as though they aren’t making a difference 
  • Appearing rigid or weak 
  • Corruption and evil in society 


  • Failure
  • Upsetting or disappointing loved ones 
  • Having a bad public image 
  • Difficulty finding a work-life balance 
  • Pressure to be entertaining all the time 

Sources of Motivation:


  • Peaceful advocacy for social change 
  • Creative problem solving 
  • Volunteer work 
  • Personal growth and peace 


  • Winnning to achieving goals 
  • Being the life of the party
  • New friendships 
  • Serving people 



Compared to other Type 1s, 1w9s don’t usually get involved in politics or actively work to bring about reform in their community. While they are motivated to work for social reform, they prefer to do it on their own rather than in a group. Additionally, unlike other Type 1s, they prefer being in the backstage rather than in the forefront of a movement. 1w9s want to educate people and disseminate their principles and values, but they prefer to do so in a calm and non-argumentative fashion. 

Jobs that would be suitable for 1w9s include: judge, guidance counsellor, lecturer, consultant, social worker, journalist etc.


These personality types handle their work efficiently. They are goal-driven and have a high need for achievement. They need work environments that support their big ambitions. They seek jobs that offer new experiences and the opportunity to connect with people. Additionally, 3w2s make good leaders. 

Jobs that 3w2s are well suited for include: lawyer, event planner, advertising consultant, entrepreneur, pilot, TV anchor, venture capitalist etc.



1w9s are introverts and prefer to live a solitary life. They find interpersonal relationships too complex and tend to avoid them. This detachment also enables 1w9s to develop their idealistic principles and prevent them from being challenged by alternative opinions. 1w9s are also highly critical of others, which can hamper their relationships. They also appear impersonal and aloof at times, which further affects their relationships. 

However, their Type nine-wing makes them understanding and tolerant of differences. And although they avoid expressing their emotions, 1w9s are loyal and care deeply about the small circle of people in their lives.


This personality type is goal-oriented in all areas of their life, and their relationships are no exception. 3w2s follow a clear set of criteria when they select their partners. They want someone who has a high status or is considered to be very desirable by other people. Thus, they like to be impressive in all respects, even in their partners. 

However, due to their two-wing, individuals with this personality type are also very considerate and thus make good partners. They are vivacious and fun to be around which draws people to them. 


1w9s and 3w2s are both competent and serious individuals. They have high expectations about their relationship and work hard to meet them. They usually avoid heated emotional discussions and instead rely on rational discussion. Making each other proud is an important relationship goal. 1w9s and 3w2s are good at compensating for each others’ blind spots. 1w9s teach 3w2s to be more realistic and practical and 3w2s can help 1w9s loosen up and be less of a perfectionist. They are both good at organising and dividing up responsibilities in the relationship.

Problems that arise in a relationship between these two enneagrams are usually associated with a poor emotional bond, competition or time commitment. 1w9s tend to perceive 3w2s as too workaholic and concerned with their public image. On the other hand, 3w2s find 1w9s highly rigid and judgemental. While 1w9s begin to question 3w2s’ integrity and ethicality, 3w2s are annoyed by 1w9s’ nitpicking. 1w9s are critical people who rarely praise themselves, much less other people. This can be difficult for 3w2s who have a high need for praise and approval.


In this guide we examined the personality types 1w9 and 3w2. We compared the two, and also looked at their respective strengths, weaknesses, compatibility and functioning in different areas of their lives. 

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. 

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FAQ on ‘1w9 vs 3w2 (A 7 Point Guide):

What’s a 3w4?

3w4 is enneagram Type 3 with a 4 wing. They tend to be more detached and managerial than 3W2s.

What is an unhealthy 3?

Unhealthy Type 3s are so caught up with making other people like them that they often make up success stories to gain admiration. This often leads to them losing a sense of who they are. They become so conscious of their public image that they are extremely defensive and avoid revealing anything that might tarnish their image.

What does it mean to have balanced wings?

Having balanced wings on the Enneagram means that a specific individual is influenced by two Enneagram types equally. For example, someone with a type 6 core would have balanced wings if they are equally influenced by type 5 and type 7. Butin most cases, one wing is dominant. 

What is a Type 1 wing 2?

A Type 1 wing 2 is an enneagram type that primarily has characteristics of type 1, but adopts some features of type 2. Consistent with type 1, they have a need for justice and equality. But they are usually more empathetic and warm than other Type 1s.

What is the most popular Enneagram?

Type 9 is the most popular enneagram.





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