1w9 Careers ( A Guide)

In this guide, we will look at 1w9 Careers. We will also delve into understanding the 1w9 personality, Type One and Type Nine.

1w9 stands for Enneagram Type One with a Nine-Wing. Here, type One acts as the core personality type with elements of type Nine.

1w9 Careers

Enneagram Type One with a Nine-Wing (1w9) mainly identify as a type One. However, they share certain characteristics of type Nine. Type One is associated with being the perfectionist and the reformer. These individuals are ethical, with a strong moral compass that guides them. They staunchly work towards bringing about change. They are proponents of justice.Their perfectionistic tendencies leads them to develop a fear of making mistakes. Consequently, they tend to become overly critical of themselves. They tend to set very high standards for themselves.

When it comes to the Type One with a Nine-Wing (1w9), they are fuelled by the need to be right. These individuals are diplomatic in their approach. They are sincere folks, who thrive in work environments that enable them to make a difference in their societies and communities. They bring a sense of calm and balance to the table. Instead of jumping to conclusions impulsively, they tend to be accommodating of different viewpoints.

Potential Career Options for 1w9 Individuals

The Enneagram Type Nine with a One-Wing person is a proponent of justice. They are inclined to standing towards what is right. They might excel in the legal field. Such a profession allows them to fight for causes, and ensure justice.

The 1w9 person will vehemently support causes they truly believe in. They stand for change. A career in social work can effectively cater to this side of their personality. Further, they might excel well as environmentalists too. 

The type Nine component of their personality also allows them to be creative in their pursuits. Their creative side, along with their passion to fight for right can mould them into great journalists.

Further, the type Nine component in the personality also adds to their listening skills. Enneagram Type One with a Nine-Wing person can be very adept at listening to others and offering support. Thus, they may be a good fit for a career in counselling.

Other potential career options for the Enneagram Type One with a Nine-Wing:

  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Consultant
  • Ambassador

1w9 Overview

Enneagram Type One Nine-Wing personalities are afraid of making amoral decisions in life. They fear veering off the ethical path. They do not want to carry out any unethical actions. Hence, they are guided by their strong moral compass. 1w9 individuals are generally objective in their approach to life. They might not be very forthcoming with their emotional side. The basic desire of the 1w9 person is to be moral. In the quest to the right thing, they will also confidently champion for the rights of other individuals. They have a deep understanding  of the world around them, that allows them to be more receptive to the state of others. As individuals they desire love and admiration from people around them.

They are naturally caring towards people around them. They will stand up for justice and the rights of others. However, they are unlikely to do this aggressively. There is a certain calm that entails the 1w9 person’s  fight for the rights of others. As mentioned earlier, the 1w9 person is guided by their strong moral compass, that strengthens their judgement of wrong and right. They tend to adhere to their personal values while making decisions and taking actions. The 1w9 person has an interesting imagination that allows them to chart out ideas and possibilities. Yet, they bring an element of rationality into their thinking that makes space for a logical view.


Since they are driven towards the positive, their tolerance for negativity is less. Sometimes, problems in the world can leave them feeling overwhelmed. Oftentimes, they may appear to be emotionally reserved and detached. Their perfectionistic tendencies stemming from the type One characteristics can find them being overly harsh and critical of themselves and others around them. 1w9 individuals can become defensive when someone challenges their point of view.

There are certain factors that fuel the 1w9 individuals. Firstly, they are motivated to advocate for the rights of others. They will do so, peacefully. Secondly, conjuring up creative solutions for problems can be highly encouraging for the 1w9 person. Lastly, they feel energized by finding peace within themselves, while developing as a person.

As mentioned earlier, the 1w9 person is seeking love and admiration from those around them. They feel dejected as individuals when someone neglects and overlooks their work. They want to have the freedom to carry out their ideas and solutions. 1w9 dislike being interrupted or objected frequently while they are working towards a certain cause or goal. Criticism might not settle well with the 1w9 person, considering their tendency to be perfect. They might perceive even constructive criticism personally rather viewing it as an opportunity to improve. They can also feel disappointed when others view them as weak. Further, the basic desire of the 1w9 person constitutes making a difference in the world around them. They may feel disappointed in themselves if they feel they are not doing enough to contribute towards a positive change. Lastly, thinking about the negativity that infiltrates the world can leave the 1w9 person feeling overwhelmed.

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Type 1

Type One individuals are strongly aligned with their sense of purpose in life. However, they also feel the need to justify their actions to everyone around them, and also to themselves. Before they jump into anything, they spend a great deal of time thinking about how their actions will pan out. Along with this, they try to figure out how this aligns with their sense of purpose. They will follow their gut and judgement while making a decision. Their actions need to have an “acceptable rationale”.

Further, type One folks often feel they have a mission in life. To them, their life carries the purpose of making a difference and bringing about a change.

They do not succumb very easily to their instinctual drives. For these individuals being true to themselves is very important. Hence, they make every effort to stay true to themselves. Consequently, they may end up suppressing unpleasant feelings and emotions. To everyone else around them the type One person will appear to be self-controlled. However, this can lead to a major emotional outbursts, since at some point this conflict might boil over/

Enneagram type one constitutes individuals who are ethical and conscientious. They strive to be right and live in adherence to their personal values.They are strong advocates for change. They are adept at organizing and try to maintain high standards in their work and life. One are wise folks, with noble intentions that can sometimes border on the lines of a morally heroic person!

Type 1 Careers

Their natural abilities as advocates for change and justice, makes them suitable for careers in professions like medicine, social work and law. They have an eye for details. They are able to bring their attention and focus to points that might be overlooked by others. Professions that cater to this detail-focused element of their personality include editor,surgeon, auditor, interior designer, architect and accountant.

Famous Ones

  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Michelle Obama
  • Prince Charles
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Al Gore
  • Jane Fonda
  • Kate Middleton

Type 9 

Type Nine individuals are trusting and stable. They are creative folks, carrying a bag of optimism around. They desire to develop an inner state of mind that is peaceful. They are supportive of the people around them.  The basic fear of Nines is fear and separation. They strive to maintain peace and harmony situations around them. This enables them to act as efficient mediators, bringing people together. However, sometimes, the quest for harmony leads them to give into situations. They may not actively address problems, either minimizing the issue at hand or sweeping it under the rug. 

Sometimes, Nines can find a place in their emotional fantasies. This acts as a compensation for being out of touch with their instinctual energies. 

Famous Nines:

  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Carl Jung
  • James Taylor
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Lisa Kudrow
  • Toby McGuire
  • General Colin Powell

Type 9 Careers 

Nines are extremely patient and supportive individuals. They make for very efficient listeners, who will patiently listen to the other person. Further, they can be adept at bringing about peace in situations. Thus, professions that may suit “The Peacekeeper” type nine are:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Religious worker
  • Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Diplomat
  • Human Resources Manager

Frequently Asked Questions:1w9 Careers

What are good Enneagram 2  jobs?

Non-Profit Founder
Social Worker

What does unhealthy Nine look like?

When unhealthy, Nines tend to repress all their problems. They tend to avoid any unpleasant emotions and feelings. This can cause them to dissociate from reality (fitzel.ca).

Who are Type Nine compatible with?

Nines tend to be best matched with Type One and Type Two.

What is the rarest Enneagram type?

Type Four, also known as the Individualist is considered to be one of the rarest Enneagram type.

Which Enneagram is the smartest?

Type Five is considered to be one of the most intelligent of the nine personality types (ennagraminstitute.com).

Which Enneagram has the most anxiety?

Type Six, also known as the loyalists are most likely to be anxious (www.relconsultants.com).


In this blog post, we looked at 1w9 Careers. We also delved into understanding the 1w9 personality, Type One and Type Nine.






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