1w2 Careers ( A Guide)

In this guide, we will delve into understanding 1w2 careers, about the 1w2 personality type and Type One personality.

The Enneagram personality theory explains an individual’s personality in terms of nine types. Based on the characteristics associated with each type, one can ascertain some information about different areas in an individual’s life. Career choices that are best suited to a particular type can be identified. This may guide a person to make a more informed choice.

1w2 Careers

1w2 stands for Enneagram Type One with a Two-Wing. These individuals mainly show characteristics of type one, with a few of type two. They are warm and empathetic individuals, championing the cause for justice. They do not want to tread on the path of immorality. They strive to be ethical and moral in their approach to life.

They carry an innate desire to make a difference in the lives of people and their communities. They will stand up against injustice. They will champion the rights of people who are less fortunate. Oftentimes, they are willing to walk the extra mile for people who need their love and support. They tend to be very selfless individuals. Enneagram Type One with a Two-Wing individual is receptive to the needs of others. They are able to conjure up creative solutions to resolve problems.

Career Options

Potential career choices for the Enneagram Type One with a Two – Wing (The Activist) are:

Healthcare is an interesting option for a 1w2 person. Enneagram Type One With Two-Wing individuals has an innate desire to be helpful to the people around them. They are naturally humane. A career in healthcare is rewarding in many ways. It often caters to the 1w2 person’s characteristics to help people. A career in healthcare allows one to serve people across diverse populations. Many opportunities allow healthcare professionals to serve in active war-zones or countries facing severe humanitarian crises. This can be doubly rewarding personally, for many people. Many careers in health care and medicine require many years of studying and hard work. People often have to serve selflessly for the sake of humanity. A prime example being the current ongoing lockdown. Scores of healthcare workers across the globe are working tirelessly to serve people, putting their lives at risk. This quality of selflessness often comes naturally to the 1w2 person. 

The legal field throws a plethora of opportunities for this personality type. The 1w2 person is often at the forefront of championing for justice. They are unable to stay quiet in the face of injustice. They will vehemently stand for what they believe is right. They will offer their support to individuals who are less fortunate. Further, they will help amplify the voices of people who are unable to fight for themselves. These qualities make the Enneagram Type One  With a Two- Wing person an efficient agent for social change. With a career in the legal arena, they are able to translate their natural qualities into a professional pursuit. They make for very efficient judges and lawyers.

Politics can also cater to the 1w2 person’s quality of being an agent for change and justice. Typically, Enneagram Type One with a Two-Wing individual is afraid of being immoral and unethical. Hence, one may expect 1w2 individuals who make for honest leaders on the political front. 

Enneagram Type One with a Two- Wing individuals are empathic. They are deeply receptive to the needs of other individuals. They harbor a genuine concern for people. 1w2 individuals can make for good social workers. It allows them to empathize with and offer support to people in distress, along with making a difference in their lives and the communities. 

Enneagram Type One with a Two-Wing Overview:

Their tolerance for frustration is very low. They might suddenly spiral into a place of frustration if things are not moving as expected. Their fear of making immoral choices sometimes leads them to adopt an overly self-righteous approach. They get caught up in a rigid black and white thinking framework. This gets difficult for people around them.

The personality of the Enneagram Type One with a Two-Wing is fuelled by certain factors. They find a sense of satisfaction in fighting to bring about a change in society. They are motivated by the desire to generate solutions to uplift their communities and societies. They enjoy working with people.

Certain factors can derail the spirit of the 1w2 person. These factors can lead them to feel stressed and unproductive. In general, the Enneagram Type One with a Two-Wing person seeks love, affection, and acceptance from those around them. Thus, their self-esteem can plummet if others perceive them negatively. They strive to work and hard and do the best they can. They can experience resentment if they feel they are not living up to the expectations of others and are underperforming. They do not handle criticism well especially if it is directed by someone they look up to and respect. The Enneagram Type One with a Two-Wing person is also likely to feel frustrated if others don’t work in accordance with what is expected of them.

This enneagram type is a combination of type one and types two. As mentioned earlier, there is a greater influence of type one, with certain characteristics of type two. Type One individuals are considered to be idealistic. They have strong personal values, which they strive to adhere to. Enneagram Type Two individuals harbor the desire to serve people. These individuals are generally calm. Their ideals push them to tread on the path of righteousness. They are unlikely to be manipulative. They are warm and friendly. However, they will not smother you with their love and affection. They tend to respect boundaries.

Selflessness is a beautiful quality in the 1w2 person. They will go out of their way to help people, often making personal sacrifices. They do not expect people to return the same gesture. They will follow their heart when it comes to doing the right thing. More than often these actions are carried out for the benefit of the greater good, rarely for themselves. 1w2 are altruistic in nature. Enneagram Type One with a Two-Wing is considered to be idealistic. They may harbor different ideas. However, the 1w2 person will ensure their ideas translate into tangible results. They are not just ideas minus actions. 

Their values are also transformed into real-life actions. If they think something is wrong, they will make an effort to voice their opinion and do something about it. They may be overcome by fear and doubt. It will not lead the 1w2 person to veer off from the path of righteousness. If they find something unjust, they will make an effort to change it. Letting situations settle into a pool of stagnancy does not sit well with the 1w2 person. To them, it tantamounts to a personal failure.

The element of wing two in their personality balances the rigidity of type one. Hence, Enneagram type one wing two individuals are generally flexible in their approach.

Stemming from their need to align with their values, they are not scared of expressing themselves honestly. They will assertively put their points across. They know that some of their opinions might not sit with the general opinion of the crowd. Yet, the Enneagram Type One with a Two-Wing person places more reliance on their own judgment of the situation. They feel it is important to communicate this to the people around them.

They tend to walk on the path of perfection often. Consequently, they set high standards for themselves. When there is a discrepancy between their envisioned, ideal outcome and reality, they tend to get stressed. When they are unable to achieve the expected “perfect result”, the 1w2 person can be critical of themselves. They see themselves as failures in such a situation. This expectation of perfection also branches out to others. Yet, they are less likely to be critical of them. For the same task, the 1w2 person may still praise others for achieving results that may be far from perfect in their eyes. However, when it comes to themselves, they tend to notch up the power of the critical lens. Even when they are praising others, it is most likely to be insincere. 

1w2 individuals may not take criticism in the right manner. Hence, one needs to put forth any feedback to a 1w2 person in a gentle manner. Further, when it comes to resolving conflict with a 1w2, one must strive to have an open and honest conversation with them, while paying attention to even their point of view. This also entails taking responsibility for one’s role in the conflict.

When it comes to communicating with a 1w2, it is important to build a meaningful rapport with them. They appreciate someone listening to them.

Type 1

While 1w2 is a combination of Type One and Type Two, the former generally forms the core of this personality archetype, with a few characteristics of Type Two. Individuals with Type One personality usually have a strong moral compass. They have an innate need to walk the path of righteousness, guided by their strong principles. 

Ones can tend to lean in the direction of high standards, which can easily translate into a very critical and perfectionistic stance. They fear making amoral choices and desire to be moral and good. They are passionate advocates of justice, championing a cause, keeping their values in place.

Their actions and decisions are based on objectivity. Rationality is one of their armor. When a Type One person acts, it generally carries with it a strong sense of purpose. They spend their time reflecting on how their actions can make a difference.

Famous Type One Personalities:

Harrison Ford

Nelson Mandela 

Michelle Obama

Tina Fey

Joan of Arc 

Mahatma Gandhi


In this blog post, we delved into understanding 1w2 Careers, about the 1w2 personality type and Type One personality.

Frequently Asked Questions: 1w2 Careers

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