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Our psychologists & personality experts provide the most up-to-date, informative, accurate, authoritative and practical personality knowledge so you can take understand yourself better and maximise your work and personal relationships. We are very committed to helping as many people as possible attain a higher level of self-understanding. We are invested in ensuring our writers, editors, illustrators and videographers are a reflection of as much of society as possible to uphold our promise of diversity and inclusion.

Editorial Values

Our articles are held to the highest editorial standards by conducting original reporting, where relevant and citing recent and relevant research in plain English. Our writers are specifically chosen for their ability to articulate topics in an unbiased, clear and stigma- free style. Our writers are also chosen based on their industry knowledge, level of compassion and credibility in their fields.

Expert Reviewers

Our articles are reviewed by trusted & cited experts in their fields such as Clinical psychologists, PhD scholars, behavioural therapists and Personality Experts..Meet our experts

Citing Sources

Content integrity is important to us. We rely on our skilled fact-checkers to ensure the information we put into our content is reputable and accurate. Our Articles are writing by clinical psychologists, career psychologists, Behavioural therapists, reputable personality experts and are fact-checked by a member of our Scientific Review Board. You can click to see the credentials of who wrote each article and who reviewed each article. We rely on reputable and credible references only and are advocates for using primary research where necessary. When reputable references are not available, we say so and present both sides of the argument alongside opinions from our experts.

Meet Our experts

Our Scientific Review board of clinical psychologists and other experts ensure our content is accurate, up-to-date, and inclusive.

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